Dota 2 – Guide Sven

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Sven is part of the actual META. Sven has become one of the most powerful carries in this patch. This is because Sven’s abilities had been modified with Aghanim’s Scepter.

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Sven has enough HP since level 1 and this allows him to be offlaner and carry. He can take damage during the lane stage without problems. Since Sven’s first skill Storm Hammer had been modified, it is better to play him as the carry. With his ultimate, you will have plenty of damage to kill your enemies. In the middle ranks, Guardian to Archon Sven has been a win rate of 57% which is insane.

Whether you are offlaner or carry you have to be active and help in team fights. He has decent movement speed to catch enemies, so you have to initiate most of the fights, but be careful to not initiate when you’re alone.


His amazing win rate in this parch is due to his first skill modification with Aghanim’s Scepter now it moves Sven to the target of the hammer, and plus the stun, and damage of the skill itself, Sven also hits 1 time, all of this with one skill. So, you have to maximize first Storm Hammer along with Great Clave his second skill, with this ability you hit all enemies around him, it is like if you have a Battle Fury. When you reach level 6 you will have your ultimate God’s Strength that gives you a lot of damage based on how much Strength attribute you have. During his ultimate, you are a killer machine.


At the beginning a simple build with enough regeneration 6x tangos, 2 gauntlets of strength. 1 enchanted mango. First, go for a couple of Bracers, these will have more resistance, hp and strength attributes than later will help you to have more damage with your ultimate. Then go for Power Treads, and for min 12, 14 you will have enough gold to buy Echo Sabre. By now you probably will have enough farm, and gold to buy your wanted Aghanim’s Scepter. With it, you are able to start killing everyone with the help of your supports.

Sven is the hero with a higher win rate in this parch. Remember, first to focus on farming to get your essential items, once you get to the middle game with your Aghanim’s Scepter you are going to be unstoppable. This hero is been spammed by players of all ranks even Divine players are spamming him. Probably his ability will be re-worked in the next patch but for now, let’s take advantage of it and win with him.