League of Legends’ Next Champion: Sett

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League of Legends’ newest champion Aphelios was released since patch 9.23. While playing Aphelios has already become a hot trend in the ranked game, some other players are looking for the following new champion.

Back in October 2019, Riot posted a Champion Roadmap on Nexus, a subpage on its official website about game information behind the scenes. Champion Roadmap was about the new champions that Riot has been working on, and it introduced a new scene — a smokin’ hot juggernaut straight out of the Ionian underground. It seemed that the new champion would soon dress the stage of fighters in League of Legends.

Following the champion information post on League of Legends’ Universe, It’s confirmed that the new juggernaut, Sett, is on his way to the game.

Sett has just hit the PBE server for testing. Information on his skills, stats, and story are available from new updates. On his recently posted biography on the Universe Champion Page, Sett was a “half-beast” outcast child of a mixed family. To follow in his father’s footsteps, Sett became a fighter in the Noxian pits. Now he has reigned over the pit of Ionia and run his illicit business as a ruler in the flourishing underworld of crimes.

Sett is designed to be a perfect melee fighter with aggression and devastating punching abilities. The League of Legends’ patch 10.1 notes on PBE indicates Sett as a no-mana physical damage champion with incredible combat abilities.

Pit Grit, his passive, makes his basic attacks switch between Left Punches and Right Punches, using the former as the starting hit. His basic attack will reset back to a Left Punch after performing a Right Punch or not doing it within 2 seconds. Left Punches have his AD while Right Punches deal bonus damage and grant Sett as much as 8 times of his attack speed.

His Q is called Knuckle Down. It increases his movement speed if he is moving towards an enemy champion, for 1.5 seconds after using it. His next two basic attacks are also granted with additional damage , increased as leveling up.

His W is Haymaker, which stores 100% of the damage taken in the last four seconds, up to 50% of Sett’s maximum health. While activating his W, Sett blasts a huge strike towards a target area. It costs all of his Grit to deal 25% (+ 10% per bonus AD) of his stored Grit as physical damage, or true damage instead if his target is hit in the center of his W direction.

Facebreaker, Sett’s E, gets him punching enemies around him and pull them in together. It deals physical damage and slows them down for a short time. If Facebreaker hits more than one opponent on both of his sides, Sett stuns all of them for 1 second.

Finally, His R, The Show Stopper, is a solo champion target ability that deals a massive amount of damage. Sett grabs his opponent and smashes them to the dust, dealing 200/300/400 (+10% of bonus AD) physical damage to the target and less damage to the enemies nearby. It also imposes a 99% slow down to enemies within the impact area for 1.5 seconds.

It might be a piece of good news for League of Legends players who love fighters, yet the release date of Sett is still waiting to be set. 

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Nintendo Indie World Showcase December 2019

Nintendo launched its most recent Direct to showcase the newest Indie games coming to the Switch in 2020. With some notable additions and some obvious ports from other platforms, the Indie scene is alive and well on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Let’s look at some highlights.


The Talos Principle, a fantastic Portal-like with a great atmosphere and story, comes to Switch for the first time. This game takes its cues from Portal, Myst, and even the Witness. Physics-based puzzles and a wonderful story round out the experience. This one was available immediately after the presentation.

Another big port, announced near the end of the Direct, was Dauntless. Built around the premise of cooperation, four players work together to take down giant beasts. Lots of exploration, grinding, and loot to gain gives the Switch another excellent Co-op game. Much like the Capcom hit, Monster Hunter World, but without a lot of the prep work that goes into that game.

Another oddity (pun intended) was the remaster of Oddworld: Strangers Wrath. Originally published by EA in 2005 for the XBOX, Strangers Wrath tells the story of the Stranger, a lone bounty hunter travelling the wastes of the Oddworld universe. Major first-person gaming and some clever uses of animals as ammo, this was a fun game that sees a welcome return on the Switch.


Sports Story is coming summer 2020 and it looks to be even more fun than the original Golf Story. Labelled as a direct sequel to the charming indie game, Golf Story, which released for the Switch in 2017. Promising sports, adventuring, and even fishing, we’ll be looking forward to this one with great anticipation.

Murder by Numbers, a timed exclusive, will bring together gameplay elements from Picross and Pheonix Wright into a fun, murder mystery style adventure.

Notable Mentions

Axiom Verge 2 was mentioned as “just one more thing” moment at the end of the presentation. It showed off some nifty gameplay in what looks to be a much bigger world than the original game. New abilities and some tough platforming look to round out the experience for fans of the original Axiom Verge.

Nintendo seems to have a good thing going with their Directs. We get bite-sized showcases for some of their notable titles throughout the year. They keep us engaged and they hardly overstay their welcome. The latest Indie Showcase reminded us that the Switch is doing just fine, thank you, and that 2020 is already shaping up to be another great for the console.

Octane: All About Apex Legend’s New Legend

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It’s season 1 in Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment has added a new character to spice things up. Octane, the newest addition in the hero lineup, is all about speed and adrenaline rush and has quickly earned popularity as one of the best blind side shooter in the game. He costs 12,000 Legend tokens or 750 Apex coins.

Playing as Octane is all about hitting the right balance between caution and aggression. His abilities make him one of the best flankers in Apex Legends who can break through enemy defenses and get out of the bad situations quickly. Take a close range weapon and you’ll quickly dominate the battlefield with his tactical ability. And if you are pinned down, his ultimate can help you and your whole squad reposition themselves for a surprise attack. Here’s a quick run-down of his abilities and how you can use them in a battle.


Passive: Swift Mend

This ability passively regenerates Octane’s health over time if he’s not taking any damage. To be specific, you’ll will gain 1 health point every 2 seconds if you are not taking damage. Its a slow regeneration but balances out Octane’s tactical really well as it reduces health points when used. Also, unlike Lifeline’s drone or medikits, this ability doesn’t make any sound.This can be very crucial in situations like ambush or when you need to hide. Also, swift mend will regenerate health even if you are knocked down. This ability shows best results after a battle as Octane’s play style will need you to use a lot of medikits otherwise.

Tactical: Stim

Stim gives you a 30% speed boost for six seconds at a cost of 10 health points. This ability has a cool-down time of just 2 seconds. This makes Octane one of the best Flankers in Apex Legends. You can close in the gap between your enemy much faster than they anticipate and bamboozle them with a surprise attack. You can run out of the heat after you have dealt damage and let your passive regenerate your health. Since you are loosing 10 health points every time you use this ability, your passive would take 20 seconds to regenerate your lost health. This ability also increases you strafe. This gives you an upper hand in 1v1 fights. Another incredible quirk of this ability is that it gives you an immunity from slows. This can help you against caustic’s gas or arkstar. With this ability you can go close to the enemy, knock them down with a close range gun, and reposition quickly.

Ultimate: Launch Pad

Octane’s ultimate ability places a jump pad on the ground which, when stepped on, launches you in high in the air. You can use it to gain a high ground and ambush the enemy, or disengage when at a disadvantage. The jump pad, once placed, can also be used by other players in the game. It can thus help help everyone in your squad to reposition quickly to a advantageous position. Knocked down players can also use the pad to get away from enemy. Note that throwables will also be propelled away if thrown on the pad. Thus you can use it to propel grenades or Caustic’s gas traps. This ability might be one of the strangest one in Apex Legends but one of the most flexible one as well.

With these abilities at hand, Octane can be a very crucial member of the squad. With a squad that scouts like Bloodhound, Octane can spot and delete the enemy off the map and move out of the hot zone in seconds.

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Apex Legends: The Next Big Thing In The Battle Royale Genre

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Respawn, the developers behind Titanfall, has recently created a new battle royale game, Apex Legends. Apex Legends has become an overnight sensation, garnering a huge number of fans in a short period of time. While the game itself has come late to the party, it does offer a decent number of features that make it fresh and can be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated. We’ll be detailing the basics of what makes the game unique, so you can just jump right in whenever you want to.

The Overview

Much like PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends is a battle royale game, though it focuses more on cooperation with your squad mates, offering better incentives to practice teamwork than working alone. The game pits 20 3-man teams against one another in a massive map filled with loot the players will need to scavenge to survive. Just like other games of the genre, players start off with virtually no items, and will have to find what they need in each map and must survive as the last team standing.


Apex Legends plays in the first person and is a shooter game that has light RPG elements, much like Destiny, and has unique specialized characters similar to what you’ll find in games like Overwatch. At its current state, it only has one play mode where 20 teams, each with 3 players, fight one another to be the last team standing. Apex Legends inherits some of the smooth movements and climbing mechanics you’ll find in Respawn’s other series, Titanfall.

What makes Apex Legends unique in this genre is that it uses a class system not unlike what you can find in certain RPG games. These “classes”, otherwise known as Legends, each offer unique abilities and ultimate skills that charge up over time, potentially able to turn the tide of battle in a pinch. Each team will need to understand the different strengths and weaknesses of their members’ classes in order to maximize their strategy. Forming the right team that can complement each member’s skill is vital. As was stated before, teamwork is king in this game. You’ll either play together or die together.

Because of the emphasis given to teamwork, communication between team members is also quite efficient. One button controls the “ping” system, where you can wordlessly draw the attention of your teammates on a location, object or a target without the need to talk.

Another unique feature to the game is that you have an option to resurrect a fallen teammate if you can recover a specific item that they drop when they die. You can only do this in certain points on the map, however, and these places are usually exposed. This adds an extra layer of strategy amongst teams, where death isn’t the absolute end.
Final Thoughts

While Apex Legends is just another game in an already saturated genre, it does quite a bit to make itself unique. It addresses a large number of issues from other battle royale games, while simultaneously emphasizing features that make it unique and fun to play. If the developers play their cards right, this game may just set the standard for future battle royale games. If you have an interest in this game, you can support my blog by checking out www.heroboosting.com and their Apex Legends boosting that they provide. You might recognize them as the guys who also provide Overwatch boosting services. Use code: IWAGGLE to get 20% off your order amount.

My FIFA 19 Review

The newest version of the most popular soccer game, FIFA, was released earlier this year. The new installation has some major improvements that any gamer is going to enjoy and be very impressed with. As usual, the creators of the game spent a lot of energy and time trying to improve the gameplay, graphics, and innovative features to ensure that the beloved game would keep a hold of its faithful clients while attracting new ones from rival games such as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

In terms of gameplay, the game has improved in terms of the way players jostle for the ball. It is now more realistic and takes into account the strength and pace of players in keeping the ball. This realistic feel is what gamers like most about their games as it closely simulates what happens on the pitch. A player like Ronaldo can now push past defender and score since he is strong and physical while some other less physical players cannot do the same.

Finishing is one of the most fun parts of a soccer game and players love it when there are improvements to this aspect. In FIFA 19, there have been improvements made to the finishing aspect with clean, crisp ball movements that closely mimic the real game. A new feature has been added that enables one to boost shots so that they are faster and have more likelihood of hitting the net. This feature is known as the after-touch and is enabled by pressing the shoot button twice just as the player goes to kick the ball. This adds exciting attacking options and offers better ball control that most gamers shall come to love.

Just as it is in the real game, FIFA 19 adds the concept of drama according to the situation. For instance, derbies are louder and the fans taunt the opposing players a lot. There is also increased intensity in the atmosphere during the closing stages of a game especially when a team is trailing. Players can be seen to get agitated and emotional and they can even shove each other from annoyance. Individual players in the real world are known to have different aggression and emotion levels and this is reflected in the game where a player like Suarez appears more agitated than other calmer players like Messi.

Refereeing in FIFA 19 has been made to reflect what happens in the real soccer world. Referees are known to sometimes make mistakes especially in high-intensity games and this can be observed in the game. Things like questionable penalty awards at the closing stages of a game are known to add drama to the game and it is often observed in FIFA 19 when the referee gives a penalty for what would be considered a soft foul. These refereeing decisions can sometimes go against a player and other times go their way so they add a drama level that cannot be predicted, making the game more interesting.

Overall, FIFA 19 has seen great improvements both in the gameplay and the presentation and many gamers shall be very pleased with it. The improvements are welcome and the game promises to offer a lot of fun moments for those gamers who love soccer.

Overwatch Patch News From Me!

I don’t usually do posts like this one, but as I’ve been playing Overwatch quite often recently, no thanks for Boosting Hero and their Overwatch boosting services, that I actually do use often especially the duo queue one where I pair up with one of their professional players and go into ranked games together… I thought I’d do an update post since this patch was quite anticipated with all the changes and new additions to the game.

The latest update introduces various changes to four heroes of the game, a new map, and bug fixes. This update re-balances Brigitte, Ana, Reinhardt and the Widowmaker to reply to the previous updates of Overwatch and additions of heroes. Ana has been updated to increase the precision level when defining her rifle’s sensitivity movements when zoomed. Brigitte now can be knocked to match her opponents when bashing Reinhardt’s Charge or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch. In the previous versions, only Reinhardt and Doomfist could be stunned allowing Brigitte to have more hits prior to either hero recovering.

Reinhardt and Widowmaker feature major changes. Like Ana, you can control the Widow maker’s sensitivity more when zoomed. She now maintains her whole momentum when she is using her grappling hook in case she connects to some structure without a ledge. Earth shatter capability of Reinhardt has also been overhauled. It can now always go up the inclines, constantly hit near foes near the wall and round a payload. Additionally, it is no longer going to destroy enemies behind the barriers or bash the enemy’s ability’s damage cone when the wave is over.

The Overwatch patch, one featuring Ashe, is live. This implies that the white-haired, new gunslinger is off PTR and everyone can play it, however, you will require a complete game re-installation. The update runs up to 20 GB in size, which could be lesser if you have installed the PTR. You do not have to uninstall Overwatch prior to getting an update, but you will have to be patient. The download speed may go to 0 Kb/s for a long time, which is normal and fine.

This update will also patch some bugs, the most noticeable bug is one which prompted weapons to fire a myriad of shots at a go- for instance, the fusion cannons of D. Va’s and the Hellfire Shotguns of the Reaper- to deal inconsistently with critical damage to foe heroes. The complete patch notes are found on Overwatch’s official website.


  1. Fixed the bug causing players to at times slip-off the railings.
  2. Fixed the bug which obstructed Torbjorn Armor Packs from updating itself in case the ability directly settled on friendly targets.

Communication Wheel

  1. Fixed the bug which was causing a delay in the picked alternatives on the Wheel as you cycle left with your mouse.



  1. Solved the bug which prompted the shield bash movement of Brigitte to be interrupted when impacting the turret’s of Symettra


  1. Solved the bug causing the Seismic Slam of Doomfist to cancel while using the Teleporter of Symmetra.


  1. Solved the bug which permitted D. Va to escape from the map in case she utilized Call Mech as she stood on the Ice Wall of Mei.


  1. Fixed the bug causing the Cryo-Freeze to hinder Mei’s line of sight.


  1. Solved the bug which could allow Reinhardt to pin the target behind him while utilizing Charge.
  2. Solved the bug which blocked Reinhardt from pinning targets as he turned in the Charge.
  3. Solved the bug which allowed Reinhardt use the Earth shatter as he stood on the head of the enemy.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

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Throughout the year, Overwatch has several events that take place for certain holidays and other special occasions. The upcoming event, Winter Wonderland, is said to begin towards the start of December, and allow for players to play special game modes, and purchase event-only skins, along with other cosmetics.

During last year’s Winter Wonderland, Overwatch introduced the new, “Yeti Hunter”, game mode which placed a team of Meis against an advanced Winston, and brought back, “Mei’s Snowball Offensive”, although somewhat controversial.

The event usually lasts for about three weeks, and players suspect this year it will start on December 13th, as Overwatch tends to start special events on Thursdays. Players also suspect that this year could potentially bring changes to the Mei game mode, or even new game modes altogether.

When it comes to skins, players hope for a new nutcracker-inspire skin, as weeks earlier players found a potential skin leak possibly giving hints to the new skins this winter-themed event will bring. Another popular fan theory is that one of the newest Overwatch characters, Ashe, who was introduced in the beginning of December at BlizzCon, will finally be given a skin, due to high demand from players.

Although the Winter Wonderland event takes place during Holidays such as Christmas, and Hanukkah, Overwatch refuses to introduce any sort of strictly holiday-based content into their game, as they hope to avoid controversy. In past years, players recall the game having “festive” skins, and many prefer these to the new approach Overwatch is taking to introducing skins during this special event. Rather than implementing holiday-based skins, Overwatch is focusing on introducing more winter-inspired skins, and even skins not influenced by winter at all.

Even though Overwatch’s main purpose of changing the category of skins they put out was made to avoid conflict and controversy, it has actually ended up doing the opposite, as players on forums vent about the “boring” skins Overwatch puts out, and instead wish that they could release a new skin for each holiday celebrated around December so everyone could be included.

This year, players are hoping for a more holiday-based Winter Wonderland all around and not just skins. Last year’s event didn’t gather a very positive reaction from players, as they felt it was too “winter-based”, and didn’t make players feel the giddiness they usually do around holidays. Players recall enjoying last year’s Winter Wonderland when it was first released, but became bored of it a few days later, as it didn’t have the “holiday charm” they had been yearning for.

Overwatch’s decision to make the Winter Wonderland holiday-based, or winter-based could have a huge effect on the players. On one hand, Overwatch avoids any religious conflict by making their event a holiday-free zone, and not making any players feel left out by releasing more content for one holiday over another. On the other hand, many players feel that Overwatch needs to step out of their comfort zone, and add in an equal amount of content for everyone, while still making it holiday-based, in order to fill the void they felt last year from a lack of holiday-based content.

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BREAKING: Campo Santo Announces New Title

Thanks to the Game Awards there’s been a flood of video game related news coming out lately. I’ve been as enthralled with the new AAA trailers and announcements as the next guy, but the one I’m most excited about is much smaller and was probably overlooked by many: Campo Santo has officially announced their next title, “In the Valley of Gods”.

Some of you may not know Campo Santo by name, but you might know them by reputation: they’re the studio responsible for creating “Firewatch”, the indie walking simulator that won critical acclaim when it launched early in 2016. Despite having a controversial ending the game (where you assume the role of middle-aged firewatcher “Henry” as he protects a patch of forest and deals with personal drama) ended up being quite popular in indie and Let’s Play circles. Full disclosure here: Firewatch is one of my favorite games, so I may be a bit biased in its favor. That bias is the main reason I’m so stoked about this new announcement.

So what does the announcement actually reveal? Sadly, not much. We know that In the Valley of Gods is set in the 1920’s and that you and your partner are explorers and filmmakers attempting to explore ancient Egyptian ruins in the hope of creating some kind of movie. The game is a first person adventure, but it’s unclear if it’s another “environmental narrative” story like Firewatch or if it’s going to include more traditional and interactive gameplay elements. The studio has also declared an estimated release date for PC to be some time in 2019 and claims they “haven’t ruled out” a console launch.

The announcement also included a trailer. In it we seem the same gorgeous cartoony TF2-ish art style that made everyone fall in love with Firewatch, this time applied to a sparse but beautiful desert setting. The trailer seems to heavily emphasize working closely with your partner (more on her in a minute) by helping each other climb obstacles and carry equipment. Speaking of equipment, the trailer also seemed oddly preoccupied with the leather satchel you carry your movie camera in, showing it being handled with care in several shots. In my opinion this seems to imply the camera and its bag will be involved in a key gameplay mechanic somehow, but it’s hard to tell these things from a single teaser trailer.

Let’s move back to your partner for a second. During Firewatch’s development, the studio went on record saying that they were uncomfortable animating something as complex as a human being, and that was the chief reason why you almost never see another person in the game. (Of course, for Firewatch that worked highly to their advantage, since isolation was a core theme of the story.) But now with In the Valley of Gods, we see a fully animated character that seems to feature *very* heavily in the gameplay. Looking at the character in the trailer it’s hard to see what Campo Santo was afraid of: the model is animated wonderfully and has a very “Pixar”-like style which fits perfectly with the rest of the environment. Did the studio hire a new artist for the game with more experience with human models, or do they simply just have more confidence now?

Either way, she and the rest of the game look fantastic. I’ll be watching this title closely over the coming year or so and can’t wait to hear more details.

Overwatch Art Book and Comic Anthology Releasing in October

The award winning online Multiplayer first-person shooter video game Overwatch has enjoyed MASSIVE success since it was released in May, 2016. Across the Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms, over 30 million registered gamers have flocked in droves to enjoy the intense, team work based action game play and from the looks of it, there seems to be no sign of it slowing down.

Apart from the great gameplay Overwatch has to offer, the unique setting, the mythology and detailed world building that developer Blizzard has created alongside, it is immensely
detailed and interesting, causing many a fan to obsess over and discuss with other players.

There is little doubt that this uniquely crafted detail has contributed to the longevity of Overwatch. To top things off, Blizzard is getting Overwatch fans excited all over again by setting themselves up to deliver two absolute treats to them this October.

Up first is The Art Of Overwatch, a 368-page hardcover, coffee table sized art book. The hardback is set to contain a whole slew of never before seen artwork based on the world of Overwatch, plus thoughts and commentary from key development members of Blizzard. This book will surely be a “must-buy” purchase for fans.

The art book will be available in two separate editions, the standard hardcover edition (book only) which will set you back $50, and a deluxe limited edition which comes packaged in a collectors clamshell box, complete with variant cover of Overwatch’s most popular hero, Tracer, and featuring three unique prints from the Overwatch team unique to this collection. This superb deluxe edition will cost $100.

Another thing to note is that Blizzard are well known for hiding riddles, secrets and info on upcoming developments in their extended media. Fans would no doubt remember Riddler’s mind worm mount quest from World Of Warcraft with fondness, so there are sure to be more than a few little tidbits about possible future playable heroes or upcoming maps spread throughout the art book for keen eyed readers to pick up on.

Also slated for release in October is a special collector’s anthology of the Overwatch comic book series. Created by a world class team of writers and illustrators, the comics depict the interesting and unique back story of each hero in the Overwatch universe. Ever wonder how Bastion became a team member? Why Ana mysteriously disappeared? How Tracer came up with her awesome catchphrase? The answers are all contained within this essential companion to the Overwatch universe.This hardcover book will collect all of the currently released Overwatch comic books from Dark Horse Books, fans will most likely have read all 12 issues already on the Overwatch website, but for $20, the Anthology is an absolute must buy.

With the game’s one year anniversary coming up in just over a week, and a special event planned with plenty of skins, emotes, sprays and a multitude of highlight intros to be unlocked for all of the heroes, it looks like Overwatch fans are going to be quite satisfied with Blizzard’s continuing resplendent output for them over the next few months at the very least.

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For Honor is Finally Here!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you’ll know that I have included For Honor in a number of my past articles like here and here. You know just how much I have been waiting and looking forward to getting my hands on this game, and now IT’S FINALLY HERE! 

This new title from Ubisoft will blow your mind away with its amazing attention to detail and an awesome gameplay with superb graphics all rolled into one! For Honor is the game you have always wanted to play but never could because there wasn’t anything like it. It is a brutal melee fighting game that offers a lot of action to the player and engages the player in a storyline that runs along deep inside the game. It looks like an ordinary action game on the exterior but it is really a complex fighting game once you start exploring it. Since it is built on a flexible melee fighting system which is also technically very competent, For Honor offers you an amazing experience playing it.

Ubisoft is using their existing fighting system “The Art of Battle” to run the game which makes it more of a traditional fighting game over a mindless killing game. If you lock on to an opponent, the game immediately goes into “Duel Mode” which enables you to find out which direction your opponent is guarding and attack them in a vulnerable place to defeat them. Winning a fight without making some heads roll is next to impossible, that’s how much the game has an eye for detail!

Even though the game may seem simple with just a couple of moves, it is so much more complex with a variety of attacks like combos, parries, guardbreaks, dodges, feints, recoveries, stuns and the ever popular grisly executions. All these moves are distributed among the heroes of the three factions. The three factions are the Knights, Vikings and the Samurai. Each faction has four main heroes. The heroes include a Vanguard who is the all-purpose hero, a Heavy which is a slow warrior but hits hard, an Assassin who is a deadly warrior but too fragile and a Hybrid who has access to a lot of long range weapons with high utility. Personally, I think the Heavier warriors make for a more exciting experience as they cannot be defeated easily and can still inflict tons of damage.

That said, all of the heroes feel pretty well balanced and you can find comfort with any of them. They all have certain strengths and some weaknesses which make them all equal when it comes to melee attacks which earn you the same amount of kill points. Since this variety is spread out among the heroes, you can always choose a hero you feel comfortable with and increase your game playing pleasure.

Apart from the engaging multiplayer levels, For Honor also has a dedicated single player campaign. It is divided across the three factions with six missions in each chapter thereby clocking up a total runtime of 6-8 hours which is fulfilling, to say the least.

Despite having to live up to some crazy expectations, For Honor carries it off pretty well and is quite engaging. The flaws such as the snowballing victories in team mode pale in comparison to the actual gameplay of this amazing game. After all, Ubisoft’s Art Of Battle is second to none. Once you start playing For Honor, it is very hard to stop which shows how exciting the game is.

Here’s a short gameplay video that shows some players pulling off some nice clutch plays. Enjoy!

5 More of My Most Anticipated Games of 2017

2016 was a great year for us with lots of amazing releases. However, 2017, new year new me right? Here are 5 more of 2017’s tiles that I’m really looking forward to playing, and why. These are different titles that I posted in my previous “Top Games” article, so please give it a read!

1. Legend of Zelda remains (RPG)

There are currently over 40 Nintendo switch games confirmed for release in 2017. However, the Legend of Zelda remains. This game was expected in 2016, but it was pushed back and will now be released in 2017, with the developers already picking March 3 as its launch date. The game will also be released alongside the Nintendo switch, making it available for both the Wii U and the switch platform. This game contains some peculiar game mechanics with a cooking link, sliding down on his shield and many other quirky stuff. This game promises to be the best Zelda game ever.

2. Batallion 1944 (FPS, Multiplayer)

The battlefield 1 came with a lot of thrill, but all focus has shifted to Battalion 1994 on its announcement, because of the back to basics feel of a World War II shooter it gives. From the preview, the game has a beautiful outlook; it will also be multiplayer ONLY and will be available for PS4, XBOX and PC. You can definitely look forward to this title if you’re an FPS buff.

3. Nioh (Action RPG)

Personally, I am a huge fan of samurais, and Nioh promises to be another great one from the team ninja, the RPG game is expected to be available by February and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. From its demo, it is garnered that you will play the role of a western samurai who would attempt to slay all enemies (both humans and supernatural) in a typical ancient Japanese setting. The game is quite dark in nature but full of excitement. I’m definitely looking forward to role-playing a western samurai.

4. Shenmue 3 (Action Adventure)

This game was expected in 2016, but it is now set to be released in 2017. It is a continuation of the Hazuki story of the Shenmue 2, with Lan Di and a new antagonist featuring as well. The game created a record on Kickstarter after it reached an initial target of $2 million under 8 hours.

5. Vampyr (RPG)

Vampyr is yet another great game from Dontnod, it involves a vampire doctor who struggles to fight his vampire condition. He tries to abide to the Hippocratic Oath despite the thirst for blood. The game is a set in 1918 during a flu pandemic in London, and Dontnod has noted that it is possible to complete the entire game without spilling a drop of blood. This game is a master piece that vampire fans can’t wait to start playing.

These are 5 titles that I’m looking forward to playing in Q1 of 2017. I know there are a bunch of other game titles that I’ve missed out here, but that just proves how amazing of a year 2017 will be for gamers worldwide. Looking forward to it!

Overwatch: The Ultimate Doomfist Pre-Release Guide

Blizzard has always been keen on dropping hints about upcoming content through immersive storytelling. By paying attention to the lore, especially the stories that are told through out-of-game cinematics and events, the possibility of Doomfist as an upcoming release is more than just a tease. While his character traits and release date still lay in the land of speculation, there is plenty that can be extracted about this upcoming hero’s skill set, play style, and lore contribution.

How Doomfist Will Play

Doomfist as a character has been present in the Overwatch universe since the very first cinematic release. In the now-famous animated short, Doomfist’s powerful gauntlet is seen in one of the museum’s exhibits. After being given a short backstory by the younger brother, it is then used as a weapon of defense to take down Widowmaker and aid the members of Overwatch in a small victory.

With the iron gauntlet as the leading piece of imagery for the original cinematic, it is clear that this will play the most major role in determining Doomfist’s hero abilities. We can glean that Doomfist will likely be a melee-heavy character with the potential to do some real damage while staying heavily armored for defense. He will likely be labeled as a tank, although his ultimate has a possibility of being one of the highest-damage dealing attacks in the entire game. His fist has been reported to “level skyscrapers”, which is something that players will definitely have to look out for.

Clues at Numbani

In the new release of the Numbani map, there is a clear display of Doomfist’s history along one of the corridors. A series of three posters labels three different individuals who have hailed the title of “Doomfist”, making it similar to the title of Green Lantern. The newest Doomfist, also known as “The Successor”, is drawn with backwards-facing legs. This implies that he may be partially or wholly robotic, hinting at a possible Omnic threat. The fact that his gauntlet is electrically-charged drops heavy hints that the character will use a mix of physical and electrical powers. This leaves a heavy amount of ambiguity over whether or not Doomfist is posed to be a hero or a villain.

Furthermore, now that Overwatch fans have learned about the three historical Doomfist wielders, there is a distinct possibility that the player will have the option to choose between three different types of gauntlets. This implies a large amount of versatility within the character, opening the door of possibility for Doomfist as a support or even as a ranged hero.

As Blizzard continues to release more information about Doomfist, and as we draw nearer and nearer to an expected hero release date, more will be made clear about the playability and overall potential of heroes like Doomfist and beyond.

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Why Playstation Vita Lost to Nintendo 3DS?

In the past few months, there had been a growing rumor that the Playstation Vita will soon be discontinued by Sony. There had been many reports of a steady decline of Vita’s hardware and game availability from numerous retail stores in North America. On the other hand, its rival the Nintendo 3DS, still continues to steadily make a good number of sales. So what caused the downfall of the Vita?

Since the early days of the “Console Wars”, Sony has always relied on the superiority of their hardware to promote their products – better graphics, faster processors. While this is still true today on their handheld devices, it is somehow no longer significant to the consumers as reflected in the market figures. The initial reception for the Playstation Vita was quite good with combined sales of more than 500,000 units in North America and Japan! From there however, figures had a general decline in the succeeding years. Here are some of the factors that may have contributed to the downfall of the Vita:

Emergence of Mobile Games

Mobile phones are considered to be one of most essential devices of this generation. Its emergence heralded the demise of many technologies in the past – pagers, FM radios, digital cameras and PDAs, among others. This also poses a threat to handheld consoles now that the market for mobile games rises in popularity not only for casual gamers but to hardcore ones as well. Many consumers would rather purchase a phone with tons of practical uses that one that is designed specifically for games. Titles like Mobile Strike and Clash Royale are the favoured on-the-go games for many gamers.

Game Titles

Let’s face it. When people hear the word Nintendo, a face of Mario instantly pops out of their minds. One of the strongest reasons why Nintendo kept a tight grip on the handheld market was their own set of exclusive titles. The Pokemon video game franchise alone has sold about 279 million games worldwide as of February 2016. This together with Monster Hunter, Super Mario, Super Smash Brothers and The Legend of Zelda, among others ensure that a steady number of fans will support their devices. Sony might also have notable exclusives under their name, but numbers prove that it is not enough to keep them afloat in the market.

Game Production

Apparently, hardware superiority is also one of the downfalls of the Vita. Its advanced specifications made it harder for developers to create games. They find it harder to utilize some of the PS Vita’s features. It also poses a great risk for game developers to produce a high budget title given the uncertainty of Vita’s consumer base. This is possibly one of the reasons why Nintendo chose to produce cheaper consoles and focused their strength more on innovative ideas.


Overwatch PTR Changes!

Season 3 is coming to an end! For those of you who are stuck at a shitty tier rating, fear not, you can make use of Boostards’ Overwatch boosting services to get out of your rut before the season ends. In other news, everyone’s favourite robot is getting a huge rework in the coming weeks!

There are few heroes in Overwatch that can annoy you as much as Bastion. Sure, Sombra comes out of nowhere, Reinhardt can be tough and Genji can is an annoying double jumping cyborg ninja. Bastion will simply enter sentry mode and spray the living daylights out of everyone. If you’re walking out in the open, you’re dead. In essence, it’s been a love/hate relationship with this guy from the get-go. Good news, though. Blizzard is planning some major changes to Bastion in an attempt to improve his gameplay and balance.

Sentry Mode: Where Bastion is as good as a sitting duck, albeit one with a 500 caliber machine gun with 200 bullets. The machine gun spread has been increased. This means that Bastion is still able to rip tank heroes apart, but greatly inhibits his ability to turret-snipe other heroes. Most players would agree that this has been one of the key issues until now.

Recon Mode: This is the mobile mode of Bastion. Changes have also been made to the machinegun spread in this mode, but opposite from Sentry Mode. It’s been decreased while the magazine size has been increased. This improves Bastion’s chances to stay alive and helps in dealing with those pesky flankers.

Self-Repair: This could potentially have a great impact on the way people chose to play this hero, as you no longer have to remain stationary to use Self-Repair. This means that you can move around while you use it, which will increase the frequency with which you’re going to use it. A meter has been added that will drain as you are using this ability, and will recharge when you are done using it. Essentially, this will allow Bastion players to move around, while taking damage, and also self-heal. It’s actually a big improvement and can help with Bastion’s survivability a lot!

While nerfing the turret might seem crippling to those who love Bastion, these changes promise to even the odds. You’ll still but able to rip through enemy tanks and close range targets in general, but the turret-sniping will be taken care of via increasing spread when firing. It will also be easier to survive in recon mode, where machine gun spread has been decreased and time between reloads are increased. Bastion is also more mobile with his Self-Repair changes. Perhaps these nerfs and improvements are exactly what is needed to balance Bastion and even the odds. We’ll see how these changes play out in the coming weeks after they go live.

Hearthstone: The Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl is back!

For all you Hearthstone lovers who missed the opportunity to get the Winter Veil Wreath cardback in 2015, the Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl is open once again today, on February 1st, and for those who have already won one brawl, you will receive a Classic Card Pack!

The Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl as many of you already know, is a new game mode from Hearthstone, even considered by many to be the most fun. Your main goal, of course, is to win the match and win the main prize, the Winter Veil Wreath cardback, or a Classic Card Pack.

The crates will always give you gifts every time you destroy them, including your own crates, so you can make use of this to prevent your opponent from getting gifts. However! Know how to play wisely, if you destroy your own box on your turn, there will only be another one of your side on your next move. The gifts that you will receive are 1 mana spells, and with it, you can discover your opponent’s cards, but, for each card you discover, it will cost 5 mana less than normal.

This is a cool game mode for beginners to learn more about individual cards. You should think hard about destroying the crates, because if you destroy an opponent’s crate, you will discover specific cards from his class, and if you destroy yours, you will discover cards of your own class.

Hearthstone is a game that requires you to have a good strategy when making your moves, and in the Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl, you will need to get as many gifts as possible and preventing your opponent from getting them.

On the one hand, this is a good opportunity for players to get the Winter Veil Wreath cardback, after all, who does not want to own all the possible items? But this may end up being a bit unpleasant for those who got the item in 2015, because it will no longer be such an exclusive item, so if you already own the Winter Veil Wreath cardback, you will not be able to boast so much now as the number of people that have the item will increase. But do not be so sad, you can win a Classic Card Pack at least.

So what are you guys waiting for? It’s time to start brawling! I’ll probably be spending the next few days playing Hearthstone simply because this brawl is so fun. If you haven’t already tried this game, I highly recommend playing it and you can check out my previous post on Hearthstone here.

Top Gaming Titles You Should Look Out For in 2017

The year 2016 has so far witnessed the release of phenomenal video games. Avid video gamers still cannot get enough of the fresh game titles released this year such as No Man’s sky, Tom Clancy ‘s The Division, Call of Duty infinite Warfare and more. The year is coming to a close soon so I want to take this opportunity to talk about a couple of game titles I think will be big hits in the coming year, 2017. I have lined up some of the most anticipated games for the coming year on PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo and PC gaming platforms. Here are the games that everyone should be the most excited about.

Lords of the Fallen

The first release looked pretty much like the Dark Souls but it didn’t have anything close to it’s level of difficulty. The game was good but not great and we anticipate that the second version due to be relased in 2017 should fix all the pitfalls that rocked the first. Lords of the Fallen is developed by CI games and they intend to gain more popularity through this new franchise, we are not exactly sure how they will pull this off but it makes the wait for the release of the game somewhat mouthwatering.

Injustice 2

News of a 2017 version of injustice 2 just keep making the rounds and from all indications, we are set to witness in the coming year the continuation of this exciting video game. It is expected to be on PS4, and Xbox One platforms with new features such as the ability of players to fine-tune their characters by unlocking new armour which will give the game an RPG feel. WB games says it will have the highest roster of DC fighting games and we cannot wait to see what all these promises will eventually turnout to be.


This game was launched in 2016, but from the looks of things, it isn’t slowing time any time soon. With the recent Overwatch League that Blizzard launched, exciting new Christmas event coming up this month, the new Overwatch rank system and Season 3 of competitive kicking off. Many Overwatch players are so excited that they’ve started purchasing Overwatch boosting services that apparently help them to obtain certain competitive ranks and rewards in the game. The Season resets every 3 months but players of Overwatch are definitely kicking it up over the new year, and into the new year.

For Honor

If you love Viking stories like most people do, then For Honor should be a game to forward to in the coming year. Slated for release on February 14 2017, the game involves players taking up one of 3 roles; a Viking, Knight or Samuari. Of course, you should expect each role to come with unique abilities to help you during gameplay. Unfortunately, the proposed analog system of control will require a higher level of accuracy for you to be successful in the game.

Crash Bandicoot

Arguably one of the most popular E3 games, Crash Bandicoot is expected to make a dramatic return to the PS4 scene very soon. This was confirmed by E3’s announcement this year, and most lovers of crash cannot wait to have him on PS4. The new version of the game is expected to be a remastered version of the crash 1, 2, and 3, although we are not certain whether all game modes will be packed together.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This yet another Playstation exclusive Guerrila game and we are somewhat excited about the prospects of the game. A fantastic mixture of fiction and robotics, where you will play as Bow-yeilding female hero who is focused on defeating robotic creatures. Horizon zero down promises to be a fascinating video game which is scheduled to be released on PS4 platforms by 3 March 2017.


With the following lineup, I’m definitely getting hyped for 2017, I’m not sure about you but as you can tell, I’m looking forward to playing the RE-MASTERED Crash Bandicoot. Just reminicsing about the themesong now really brings back so much nostalgia.


StarCraft 2: Price Drops, News, and Releases


Price Drops/Discounts

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of real-time strategy video game StarCraft II The Complete Trilogy, the price on Legacy of the Void was dropped to the price of $29.99. Blizzard Entertainment, the owners of the game, also decided to drop the price of StarCraft II Battlechest to $39.99. This is an excellent opportunity for gamers looking to round out their set. This version contains all three games: Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void. The latter pricing is an excellent deal, as the latter three games are sold at $19.99 separately. The included versions in the set are expanded editions from 2013, with added character units and multiplayer changes. The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game set’s Complete Trilogy is also available at the price of $59.99, for the added bonuses, portraits and game skin you get in the edition. So here is a great chance for fans to buy the complete set, in case you missed out on the game’s sale on its first release in the previous year. Note: The Collector’s Edition set with a coloring book, which is an expanded version off the Deluxe set, is not available currently on Starcraft II’s although it is available used on Amazon, Ebay, and other video game retailers and secondhand game shops.

HD Remastering of Blizzard 1998 Edition Game

According to a reliable major news outlet in South Korea, iNews24 (its first online newspaper), a press report in August 2016 said that Starcraft was to have released an HD remastered version of its popular classic from 1998, the Blizzard, in September 2016. Kotaku, a Japanese media outlet, also reported a similar thing based off Korea’s site. Yet the news on the release of this remastered version is still very scant elsewhere, since the time the release was supposed to have happened. The release is not currently featured on the Starcraft II website or featured on websites of major game retailers. Blizzard HD boasts higher-resolution graphics and user interface, along with, of course, improved sound quality, for all die-hard faithful fans of the old version who cannot move on from the classic video game version. Blizzard HD’s remastered edition was also reported to have been revealed in further detail and greater depth at BlizzardCon, in Anaheim, California, which occurred. However, it seems that the news was as yet a rumor, or premature prediction somewhat ahead of its actual time. News of similar Warcraft III, as well as Diablo II remasterings were also circulating in the United States a year ago. It remains for fans to be patient, until Blizzard releases news of the remastered editions itself on its website. That currently hasn’t happened yet.

Starcraft BlizzardCon 2016, in Anaheim, California

The yearly event, particularly for StarCraft game buffs and nerds worldwide, was held from October 26 to November 5 of this year, in Anaheim, California (the site of Disneyland). The event featured two championships for Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm games. It is not revealed to outsiders if the Blizzard HD Remastering was discussed.

Other Releases

Nova Covert Ops, a single-player version game, is being sold for $7.49 each, in bundles. The game is also releasing its Complete Trilogy Set this November. A must have for any Starcraft fan.

New Streaming Feature by Blizzard

The recent partnership between Facebook and Blizzard is one of the most fascinating experiences as it allows players of Blizzard gamers to stream their games to the world. The feature is meant to enable players to stream all their Blizzard games including Overwatch, StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft and others to Facebook. Gamers will have the freedom to stream the games to pages that they manage in addition to their personal profiles.

The service which is simply being referred to as Blizzard streaming allows all gamers to stream through pressing an icon on the upper right hand corner than anyone can click on in order to stream. This service is the first one from the developer directly from the app. This means that gamers no longer have to capture set up to stream their Blizzard games to the world.

The video game streaming procedure is quite straight forward and allows for the microphone and webcam capture. It gives you the control over the size and position of the webcam image as well as with other setting of the video live. All that is needed to start the process is to connect your battle.net account with your Facebook account.

Currently, the Blizzard streaming service is only available to North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia; however a global roll-out will soon be available according to the Blizzard Developers. The service is only currently available to PC gamers but Mac support is currently on the works.

The competition for video game streaming is on heat following the move. Blizzard having further announced the addition of a Facebook login option for the entire PC gaming community, will soon be paving new ways for social functionality in their available PC games.

There are some stumbling blocks however facing the new streaming service since not all gamers will be comfortable with streaming feeds to their news feed as they are most often filled with co workers and relatives.

Looking back at how streaming was just a few years ago, it’s amazing to see how far the streaming industry has come. With Blizzard’s new feature, streaming is bound to be a much more mainstream activity now. Which can only be seen as a good thing for most gamers, and the game industry in general.