Nintendo Indie World Showcase December 2019

Nintendo launched its most recent Direct to showcase the newest Indie games coming to the Switch in 2020. With some notable additions and some obvious ports from other platforms, the Indie scene is alive and well on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Let’s look at some highlights.


The Talos Principle, a fantastic Portal-like with a great atmosphere and story, comes to Switch for the first time. This game takes its cues from Portal, Myst, and even the Witness. Physics-based puzzles and a wonderful story round out the experience. This one was available immediately after the presentation.

Another big port, announced near the end of the Direct, was Dauntless. Built around the premise of cooperation, four players work together to take down giant beasts. Lots of exploration, grinding, and loot to gain gives the Switch another excellent Co-op game. Much like the Capcom hit, Monster Hunter World, but without a lot of the prep work that goes into that game.

Another oddity (pun intended) was the remaster of Oddworld: Strangers Wrath. Originally published by EA in 2005 for the XBOX, Strangers Wrath tells the story of the Stranger, a lone bounty hunter travelling the wastes of the Oddworld universe. Major first-person gaming and some clever uses of animals as ammo, this was a fun game that sees a welcome return on the Switch.


Sports Story is coming summer 2020 and it looks to be even more fun than the original Golf Story. Labelled as a direct sequel to the charming indie game, Golf Story, which released for the Switch in 2017. Promising sports, adventuring, and even fishing, we’ll be looking forward to this one with great anticipation.

Murder by Numbers, a timed exclusive, will bring together gameplay elements from Picross and Pheonix Wright into a fun, murder mystery style adventure.

Notable Mentions

Axiom Verge 2 was mentioned as “just one more thing” moment at the end of the presentation. It showed off some nifty gameplay in what looks to be a much bigger world than the original game. New abilities and some tough platforming look to round out the experience for fans of the original Axiom Verge.

Nintendo seems to have a good thing going with their Directs. We get bite-sized showcases for some of their notable titles throughout the year. They keep us engaged and they hardly overstay their welcome. The latest Indie Showcase reminded us that the Switch is doing just fine, thank you, and that 2020 is already shaping up to be another great for the console.

Post Scriptum – Is it Worth the Buy?

Many gamers are constantly on the prowl for the newest and most advanced games. There has been a major push towards realism especially in the FPS community. AAA games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield have directed their attention more towards an arcade style game with an emphasis on accessibility for new players. Some players however have tastes in more realistic FPS games which reflect warfare and teamwork to a much more advanced scale. Post Scriptum has heard the players call and created an FPS game which gives an intense, realistic and tactical game for player to enjoy.

Post Scriptum is set in World War II and focuses on the European front of the war. Players are dropped into battles of massive scale where teamwork is the only way to survive. Players can assign themselves to an infantry squad, armored section, or logistics section. Each of these plays a critical role in the outcome of the battle.
Infantry is the backbone of any army and without it front lines would not change. Each infantry squad is equipped with riflemen, medics, sappers, marksmen, anti-tank, and machine guns. Each of these classes plays an important role in the success of the squad. Machine guns lay down heavy volumes of fire suppressing any enemy forces in their area while the riflemen can fire much more precise shots and maneuver with much more speed. Soldiers must use cation however as one shot will often lead to the soldier being incapacitated. Medics are very important in this case as they keep the front line manned and firing.
Being a heavy hitter of decisive action, armor is meant to support the infantry and eliminate enemy tanks. Each position in tanks (driver, gunner, commander, and hull gunner) are manned by individual players, putting a heavy emphasis on communication and teamwork. Players need to listen to their commander and work with speed to keep their tank alive and fighting. Although protected by thick armor, tanks are not effective without the support of the infantry. A tank left alone will be quickly outmaneuvered by enemy infantry and destroyed.
Logistics sections are the beating heart of the fight. They bring up important supplies which allow defenses to be erected and forward operating bases to be built which players spawn in. Logistics is great for the player who loves a support role but is not skilled enough to constantly be in the firefight.
Rating – 9.3/10
Post Scriptum is an outstanding game which puts great emphasis on teamwork and tactical realism. The developers are constantly adding new updates, features and bug fixes to keep the game optimized and entertaining. There are no obvious bias’ in the game and the multiplayer servers are run by professional groups who put integrity behind their powers.
In regards to optimization, there are very few bugs in the game which effect how playable the game is. Most bugs noticed are distant texture glitches far out of the fight. The only major issue is with a graphics card that is in the 720 range, expect some major lag spikes during airborne operations because of the heavy amount of assets in the server.
For new players, getting into the game is very easy. Players are generally very welcoming and friendly towards new players, giving them helpful tips and tricks so long as there is mutual respect shown. Each section provides an experience as if it is a new game, keeping the game fresh and exciting.
The tactical realism of the game is astounding and provides an outstanding experience for players of all skill levels.
The major pitfalls of the game relate to the more minor features of the game. Players will notice rare glitches which could have a major effect on their game play. This could range from a character getting stuck on a small lip of earth, to weapons not firing when the mouse button is clicked. These however are very rare on occasion.
Overall the game is worth purchasing and playing. It is a very reasonably priced game and surpasses all expectations for a tactically realistic game.
Post Scriptum is currently only available on PC.

Coloring Game – What you see is what you get

One of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to get into a new game is to browse the “New and Trending” or “Top Selling” categories from Steam, and yesterday I saw this game called “Coloring Game” on the list.

I was a little bit flustered about it, mainly because I’ve seen this kind of games in tablets and phone apps, and they don’t seem that appealing for actually get into them while sitting on my PC, but it was free, and the reviews were pretty good, so I decided to give it a shot.

The developer (L. Stotch) did a great job by putting together a nice, uncomplicated and fun coloring by numbers (and pixels) game, no new mechanics, no microtransactions (at the moment) and nothing besides the relaxing fun of a coloring book.

So what’s the deal with it?

Well, I’d say it comes mainly to two things, the first one being the quality of life improvements the game has for a coloring game, counting with commands to undo a move, copy a color by right-clicking it, paint a straight line while holding Shift and even digital tablet support.

The developer seems to be extremely active on the updates for the game, and I gotta say, I’m a big fan of the art used for the images that you color in the game, they use the concept of 16-bit art and apply it to different situations and images ( Right now I’m at the “Breaking Bad” inspired picture).

I’d say that in a world that goes by so fast like the one that we live in, having the opportunity to stop for a bit and play a beautiful and relaxing coloring game while you unwind and relax doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

In conclusion, and as I said at the beginning, this game deserves an opportunity if you’re looking to chill for a bit while listening to sweet music or a podcast, between stressful ranked matches or just if you’re into pixel art.

For the way this game has been evolving in the past days (The game was released on April 12th) and how already has been updated twice, adding improvements like the autosave feature (Press F5 to save), I’d say that this new trend might expand from phones to Steam, and soon enough we’ll have a good contender for the first place in the Chill/Idle game genre, one of the few genres where sometimes, less is more.

My FIFA 19 Review

The newest version of the most popular soccer game, FIFA, was released earlier this year. The new installation has some major improvements that any gamer is going to enjoy and be very impressed with. As usual, the creators of the game spent a lot of energy and time trying to improve the gameplay, graphics, and innovative features to ensure that the beloved game would keep a hold of its faithful clients while attracting new ones from rival games such as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

In terms of gameplay, the game has improved in terms of the way players jostle for the ball. It is now more realistic and takes into account the strength and pace of players in keeping the ball. This realistic feel is what gamers like most about their games as it closely simulates what happens on the pitch. A player like Ronaldo can now push past defender and score since he is strong and physical while some other less physical players cannot do the same.

Finishing is one of the most fun parts of a soccer game and players love it when there are improvements to this aspect. In FIFA 19, there have been improvements made to the finishing aspect with clean, crisp ball movements that closely mimic the real game. A new feature has been added that enables one to boost shots so that they are faster and have more likelihood of hitting the net. This feature is known as the after-touch and is enabled by pressing the shoot button twice just as the player goes to kick the ball. This adds exciting attacking options and offers better ball control that most gamers shall come to love.

Just as it is in the real game, FIFA 19 adds the concept of drama according to the situation. For instance, derbies are louder and the fans taunt the opposing players a lot. There is also increased intensity in the atmosphere during the closing stages of a game especially when a team is trailing. Players can be seen to get agitated and emotional and they can even shove each other from annoyance. Individual players in the real world are known to have different aggression and emotion levels and this is reflected in the game where a player like Suarez appears more agitated than other calmer players like Messi.

Refereeing in FIFA 19 has been made to reflect what happens in the real soccer world. Referees are known to sometimes make mistakes especially in high-intensity games and this can be observed in the game. Things like questionable penalty awards at the closing stages of a game are known to add drama to the game and it is often observed in FIFA 19 when the referee gives a penalty for what would be considered a soft foul. These refereeing decisions can sometimes go against a player and other times go their way so they add a drama level that cannot be predicted, making the game more interesting.

Overall, FIFA 19 has seen great improvements both in the gameplay and the presentation and many gamers shall be very pleased with it. The improvements are welcome and the game promises to offer a lot of fun moments for those gamers who love soccer.

BREAKING: Campo Santo Announces New Title

Thanks to the Game Awards there’s been a flood of video game related news coming out lately. I’ve been as enthralled with the new AAA trailers and announcements as the next guy, but the one I’m most excited about is much smaller and was probably overlooked by many: Campo Santo has officially announced their next title, “In the Valley of Gods”.

Some of you may not know Campo Santo by name, but you might know them by reputation: they’re the studio responsible for creating “Firewatch”, the indie walking simulator that won critical acclaim when it launched early in 2016. Despite having a controversial ending the game (where you assume the role of middle-aged firewatcher “Henry” as he protects a patch of forest and deals with personal drama) ended up being quite popular in indie and Let’s Play circles. Full disclosure here: Firewatch is one of my favorite games, so I may be a bit biased in its favor. That bias is the main reason I’m so stoked about this new announcement.

So what does the announcement actually reveal? Sadly, not much. We know that In the Valley of Gods is set in the 1920’s and that you and your partner are explorers and filmmakers attempting to explore ancient Egyptian ruins in the hope of creating some kind of movie. The game is a first person adventure, but it’s unclear if it’s another “environmental narrative” story like Firewatch or if it’s going to include more traditional and interactive gameplay elements. The studio has also declared an estimated release date for PC to be some time in 2019 and claims they “haven’t ruled out” a console launch.

The announcement also included a trailer. In it we seem the same gorgeous cartoony TF2-ish art style that made everyone fall in love with Firewatch, this time applied to a sparse but beautiful desert setting. The trailer seems to heavily emphasize working closely with your partner (more on her in a minute) by helping each other climb obstacles and carry equipment. Speaking of equipment, the trailer also seemed oddly preoccupied with the leather satchel you carry your movie camera in, showing it being handled with care in several shots. In my opinion this seems to imply the camera and its bag will be involved in a key gameplay mechanic somehow, but it’s hard to tell these things from a single teaser trailer.

Let’s move back to your partner for a second. During Firewatch’s development, the studio went on record saying that they were uncomfortable animating something as complex as a human being, and that was the chief reason why you almost never see another person in the game. (Of course, for Firewatch that worked highly to their advantage, since isolation was a core theme of the story.) But now with In the Valley of Gods, we see a fully animated character that seems to feature *very* heavily in the gameplay. Looking at the character in the trailer it’s hard to see what Campo Santo was afraid of: the model is animated wonderfully and has a very “Pixar”-like style which fits perfectly with the rest of the environment. Did the studio hire a new artist for the game with more experience with human models, or do they simply just have more confidence now?

Either way, she and the rest of the game look fantastic. I’ll be watching this title closely over the coming year or so and can’t wait to hear more details.

Top Gaming Titles You Should Look Out For in 2017

The year 2016 has so far witnessed the release of phenomenal video games. Avid video gamers still cannot get enough of the fresh game titles released this year such as No Man’s sky, Tom Clancy ‘s The Division, Call of Duty infinite Warfare and more. The year is coming to a close soon so I want to take this opportunity to talk about a couple of game titles I think will be big hits in the coming year, 2017. I have lined up some of the most anticipated games for the coming year on PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo and PC gaming platforms. Here are the games that everyone should be the most excited about.

Lords of the Fallen

The first release looked pretty much like the Dark Souls but it didn’t have anything close to it’s level of difficulty. The game was good but not great and we anticipate that the second version due to be relased in 2017 should fix all the pitfalls that rocked the first. Lords of the Fallen is developed by CI games and they intend to gain more popularity through this new franchise, we are not exactly sure how they will pull this off but it makes the wait for the release of the game somewhat mouthwatering.

Injustice 2

News of a 2017 version of injustice 2 just keep making the rounds and from all indications, we are set to witness in the coming year the continuation of this exciting video game. It is expected to be on PS4, and Xbox One platforms with new features such as the ability of players to fine-tune their characters by unlocking new armour which will give the game an RPG feel. WB games says it will have the highest roster of DC fighting games and we cannot wait to see what all these promises will eventually turnout to be.


This game was launched in 2016, but from the looks of things, it isn’t slowing time any time soon. With the recent Overwatch League that Blizzard launched, exciting new Christmas event coming up this month, the new Overwatch rank system and Season 3 of competitive kicking off. Many Overwatch players are so excited that they’ve started purchasing Overwatch boosting services that apparently help them to obtain certain competitive ranks and rewards in the game. The Season resets every 3 months but players of Overwatch are definitely kicking it up over the new year, and into the new year.

For Honor

If you love Viking stories like most people do, then For Honor should be a game to forward to in the coming year. Slated for release on February 14 2017, the game involves players taking up one of 3 roles; a Viking, Knight or Samuari. Of course, you should expect each role to come with unique abilities to help you during gameplay. Unfortunately, the proposed analog system of control will require a higher level of accuracy for you to be successful in the game.

Crash Bandicoot

Arguably one of the most popular E3 games, Crash Bandicoot is expected to make a dramatic return to the PS4 scene very soon. This was confirmed by E3’s announcement this year, and most lovers of crash cannot wait to have him on PS4. The new version of the game is expected to be a remastered version of the crash 1, 2, and 3, although we are not certain whether all game modes will be packed together.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This yet another Playstation exclusive Guerrila game and we are somewhat excited about the prospects of the game. A fantastic mixture of fiction and robotics, where you will play as Bow-yeilding female hero who is focused on defeating robotic creatures. Horizon zero down promises to be a fascinating video game which is scheduled to be released on PS4 platforms by 3 March 2017.


With the following lineup, I’m definitely getting hyped for 2017, I’m not sure about you but as you can tell, I’m looking forward to playing the RE-MASTERED Crash Bandicoot. Just reminicsing about the themesong now really brings back so much nostalgia.