Overwatch Patch News From Me!

I don’t usually do posts like this one, but as I’ve been playing Overwatch quite often recently, no thanks for Boosting Hero and their Overwatch boosting services, that I actually do use often especially the duo queue one where I pair up with one of their professional players and go into ranked games together… I thought I’d do an update post since this patch was quite anticipated with all the changes and new additions to the game.

The latest update introduces various changes to four heroes of the game, a new map, and bug fixes. This update re-balances Brigitte, Ana, Reinhardt and the Widowmaker to reply to the previous updates of Overwatch and additions of heroes. Ana has been updated to increase the precision level when defining her rifle’s sensitivity movements when zoomed. Brigitte now can be knocked to match her opponents when bashing Reinhardt’s Charge or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch. In the previous versions, only Reinhardt and Doomfist could be stunned allowing Brigitte to have more hits prior to either hero recovering.

Reinhardt and Widowmaker feature major changes. Like Ana, you can control the Widow maker’s sensitivity more when zoomed. She now maintains her whole momentum when she is using her grappling hook in case she connects to some structure without a ledge. Earth shatter capability of Reinhardt has also been overhauled. It can now always go up the inclines, constantly hit near foes near the wall and round a payload. Additionally, it is no longer going to destroy enemies behind the barriers or bash the enemy’s ability’s damage cone when the wave is over.

The Overwatch patch, one featuring Ashe, is live. This implies that the white-haired, new gunslinger is off PTR and everyone can play it, however, you will require a complete game re-installation. The update runs up to 20 GB in size, which could be lesser if you have installed the PTR. You do not have to uninstall Overwatch prior to getting an update, but you will have to be patient. The download speed may go to 0 Kb/s for a long time, which is normal and fine.

This update will also patch some bugs, the most noticeable bug is one which prompted weapons to fire a myriad of shots at a go- for instance, the fusion cannons of D. Va’s and the Hellfire Shotguns of the Reaper- to deal inconsistently with critical damage to foe heroes. The complete patch notes are found on Overwatch’s official website.


  1. Fixed the bug causing players to at times slip-off the railings.
  2. Fixed the bug which obstructed Torbjorn Armor Packs from updating itself in case the ability directly settled on friendly targets.

Communication Wheel

  1. Fixed the bug which was causing a delay in the picked alternatives on the Wheel as you cycle left with your mouse.



  1. Solved the bug which prompted the shield bash movement of Brigitte to be interrupted when impacting the turret’s of Symettra


  1. Solved the bug causing the Seismic Slam of Doomfist to cancel while using the Teleporter of Symmetra.


  1. Solved the bug which permitted D. Va to escape from the map in case she utilized Call Mech as she stood on the Ice Wall of Mei.


  1. Fixed the bug causing the Cryo-Freeze to hinder Mei’s line of sight.


  1. Solved the bug which could allow Reinhardt to pin the target behind him while utilizing Charge.
  2. Solved the bug which blocked Reinhardt from pinning targets as he turned in the Charge.
  3. Solved the bug which allowed Reinhardt use the Earth shatter as he stood on the head of the enemy.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

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Throughout the year, Overwatch has several events that take place for certain holidays and other special occasions. The upcoming event, Winter Wonderland, is said to begin towards the start of December, and allow for players to play special game modes, and purchase event-only skins, along with other cosmetics.

During last year’s Winter Wonderland, Overwatch introduced the new, “Yeti Hunter”, game mode which placed a team of Meis against an advanced Winston, and brought back, “Mei’s Snowball Offensive”, although somewhat controversial.

The event usually lasts for about three weeks, and players suspect this year it will start on December 13th, as Overwatch tends to start special events on Thursdays. Players also suspect that this year could potentially bring changes to the Mei game mode, or even new game modes altogether.

When it comes to skins, players hope for a new nutcracker-inspire skin, as weeks earlier players found a potential skin leak possibly giving hints to the new skins this winter-themed event will bring. Another popular fan theory is that one of the newest Overwatch characters, Ashe, who was introduced in the beginning of December at BlizzCon, will finally be given a skin, due to high demand from players.

Although the Winter Wonderland event takes place during Holidays such as Christmas, and Hanukkah, Overwatch refuses to introduce any sort of strictly holiday-based content into their game, as they hope to avoid controversy. In past years, players recall the game having “festive” skins, and many prefer these to the new approach Overwatch is taking to introducing skins during this special event. Rather than implementing holiday-based skins, Overwatch is focusing on introducing more winter-inspired skins, and even skins not influenced by winter at all.

Even though Overwatch’s main purpose of changing the category of skins they put out was made to avoid conflict and controversy, it has actually ended up doing the opposite, as players on forums vent about the “boring” skins Overwatch puts out, and instead wish that they could release a new skin for each holiday celebrated around December so everyone could be included.

This year, players are hoping for a more holiday-based Winter Wonderland all around and not just skins. Last year’s event didn’t gather a very positive reaction from players, as they felt it was too “winter-based”, and didn’t make players feel the giddiness they usually do around holidays. Players recall enjoying last year’s Winter Wonderland when it was first released, but became bored of it a few days later, as it didn’t have the “holiday charm” they had been yearning for.

Overwatch’s decision to make the Winter Wonderland holiday-based, or winter-based could have a huge effect on the players. On one hand, Overwatch avoids any religious conflict by making their event a holiday-free zone, and not making any players feel left out by releasing more content for one holiday over another. On the other hand, many players feel that Overwatch needs to step out of their comfort zone, and add in an equal amount of content for everyone, while still making it holiday-based, in order to fill the void they felt last year from a lack of holiday-based content.

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Overwatch Art Book and Comic Anthology Releasing in October

The award winning online Multiplayer first-person shooter video game Overwatch has enjoyed MASSIVE success since it was released in May, 2016. Across the Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms, over 30 million registered gamers have flocked in droves to enjoy the intense, team work based action game play and from the looks of it, there seems to be no sign of it slowing down.

Apart from the great gameplay Overwatch has to offer, the unique setting, the mythology and detailed world building that developer Blizzard has created alongside, it is immensely
detailed and interesting, causing many a fan to obsess over and discuss with other players.

There is little doubt that this uniquely crafted detail has contributed to the longevity of Overwatch. To top things off, Blizzard is getting Overwatch fans excited all over again by setting themselves up to deliver two absolute treats to them this October.

Up first is The Art Of Overwatch, a 368-page hardcover, coffee table sized art book. The hardback is set to contain a whole slew of never before seen artwork based on the world of Overwatch, plus thoughts and commentary from key development members of Blizzard. This book will surely be a “must-buy” purchase for fans.

The art book will be available in two separate editions, the standard hardcover edition (book only) which will set you back $50, and a deluxe limited edition which comes packaged in a collectors clamshell box, complete with variant cover of Overwatch’s most popular hero, Tracer, and featuring three unique prints from the Overwatch team unique to this collection. This superb deluxe edition will cost $100.

Another thing to note is that Blizzard are well known for hiding riddles, secrets and info on upcoming developments in their extended media. Fans would no doubt remember Riddler’s mind worm mount quest from World Of Warcraft with fondness, so there are sure to be more than a few little tidbits about possible future playable heroes or upcoming maps spread throughout the art book for keen eyed readers to pick up on.

Also slated for release in October is a special collector’s anthology of the Overwatch comic book series. Created by a world class team of writers and illustrators, the comics depict the interesting and unique back story of each hero in the Overwatch universe. Ever wonder how Bastion became a team member? Why Ana mysteriously disappeared? How Tracer came up with her awesome catchphrase? The answers are all contained within this essential companion to the Overwatch universe.This hardcover book will collect all of the currently released Overwatch comic books from Dark Horse Books, fans will most likely have read all 12 issues already on the Overwatch website, but for $20, the Anthology is an absolute must buy.

With the game’s one year anniversary coming up in just over a week, and a special event planned with plenty of skins, emotes, sprays and a multitude of highlight intros to be unlocked for all of the heroes, it looks like Overwatch fans are going to be quite satisfied with Blizzard’s continuing resplendent output for them over the next few months at the very least.

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What is Overwatch Boosting?

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Boosting in Overwatch

Overwatch Boosting has been growing really fast due to the competitive nature of the game as Overwatch can be quite a tough hurdle to vault if you lack a good team. After all, it is a team dependent game and if you are regularly stuck with terrible teammates who constantly hold you back or find yourself not performing up to par. This can be frustrating and demoralizing.

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A number of websites have started to appear since this service’s inception and Overwatch boosting just seems to appear to start getting quite competitive itself. Some of these sites charge a hefty price tag that can go into the range of hundreds of dollars, but it seems that with how competitive the game itself is, and how much money people are spending online these days, boosting in Overwatch won’t be going away anytime soon.

However, one needs to be more careful with the malicious security risks of granting an unknown person unrestricted access to your account. They may charge your account with hefty in-game purchases, and in the worst case scenario, they might delete it completely. This is why I would recommend doing your research and making sure you are certain that the boosting company you have selected is trustworthy before giving them your account details.

This is why I would recommend doing your research and making sure you are certain that the boosting company you have selected is trustworthy before giving them your account details. Either that or you can opt to go with the “duo queue” option which is exactly what I did when I purchased my Overwatch boost from these guys.

Furthermore, boosting is not restricted to only PC players. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are also offered the service by most of the sites providing this service.

Overwatch: The Ultimate Doomfist Pre-Release Guide

Blizzard has always been keen on dropping hints about upcoming content through immersive storytelling. By paying attention to the lore, especially the stories that are told through out-of-game cinematics and events, the possibility of Doomfist as an upcoming release is more than just a tease. While his character traits and release date still lay in the land of speculation, there is plenty that can be extracted about this upcoming hero’s skill set, play style, and lore contribution.

How Doomfist Will Play

Doomfist as a character has been present in the Overwatch universe since the very first cinematic release. In the now-famous animated short, Doomfist’s powerful gauntlet is seen in one of the museum’s exhibits. After being given a short backstory by the younger brother, it is then used as a weapon of defense to take down Widowmaker and aid the members of Overwatch in a small victory.

With the iron gauntlet as the leading piece of imagery for the original cinematic, it is clear that this will play the most major role in determining Doomfist’s hero abilities. We can glean that Doomfist will likely be a melee-heavy character with the potential to do some real damage while staying heavily armored for defense. He will likely be labeled as a tank, although his ultimate has a possibility of being one of the highest-damage dealing attacks in the entire game. His fist has been reported to “level skyscrapers”, which is something that players will definitely have to look out for.

Clues at Numbani

In the new release of the Numbani map, there is a clear display of Doomfist’s history along one of the corridors. A series of three posters labels three different individuals who have hailed the title of “Doomfist”, making it similar to the title of Green Lantern. The newest Doomfist, also known as “The Successor”, is drawn with backwards-facing legs. This implies that he may be partially or wholly robotic, hinting at a possible Omnic threat. The fact that his gauntlet is electrically-charged drops heavy hints that the character will use a mix of physical and electrical powers. This leaves a heavy amount of ambiguity over whether or not Doomfist is posed to be a hero or a villain.

Furthermore, now that Overwatch fans have learned about the three historical Doomfist wielders, there is a distinct possibility that the player will have the option to choose between three different types of gauntlets. This implies a large amount of versatility within the character, opening the door of possibility for Doomfist as a support or even as a ranged hero.

As Blizzard continues to release more information about Doomfist, and as we draw nearer and nearer to an expected hero release date, more will be made clear about the playability and overall potential of heroes like Doomfist and beyond.

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Overwatch PTR Changes!

Season 3 is coming to an end! For those of you who are stuck at a shitty tier rating, fear not, you can make use of Boostards’ Overwatch boosting services to get out of your rut before the season ends. In other news, everyone’s favourite robot is getting a huge rework in the coming weeks!

There are few heroes in Overwatch that can annoy you as much as Bastion. Sure, Sombra comes out of nowhere, Reinhardt can be tough and Genji can is an annoying double jumping cyborg ninja. Bastion will simply enter sentry mode and spray the living daylights out of everyone. If you’re walking out in the open, you’re dead. In essence, it’s been a love/hate relationship with this guy from the get-go. Good news, though. Blizzard is planning some major changes to Bastion in an attempt to improve his gameplay and balance.

Sentry Mode: Where Bastion is as good as a sitting duck, albeit one with a 500 caliber machine gun with 200 bullets. The machine gun spread has been increased. This means that Bastion is still able to rip tank heroes apart, but greatly inhibits his ability to turret-snipe other heroes. Most players would agree that this has been one of the key issues until now.

Recon Mode: This is the mobile mode of Bastion. Changes have also been made to the machinegun spread in this mode, but opposite from Sentry Mode. It’s been decreased while the magazine size has been increased. This improves Bastion’s chances to stay alive and helps in dealing with those pesky flankers.

Self-Repair: This could potentially have a great impact on the way people chose to play this hero, as you no longer have to remain stationary to use Self-Repair. This means that you can move around while you use it, which will increase the frequency with which you’re going to use it. A meter has been added that will drain as you are using this ability, and will recharge when you are done using it. Essentially, this will allow Bastion players to move around, while taking damage, and also self-heal. It’s actually a big improvement and can help with Bastion’s survivability a lot!

While nerfing the turret might seem crippling to those who love Bastion, these changes promise to even the odds. You’ll still but able to rip through enemy tanks and close range targets in general, but the turret-sniping will be taken care of via increasing spread when firing. It will also be easier to survive in recon mode, where machine gun spread has been decreased and time between reloads are increased. Bastion is also more mobile with his Self-Repair changes. Perhaps these nerfs and improvements are exactly what is needed to balance Bastion and even the odds. We’ll see how these changes play out in the coming weeks after they go live.