PUBG: The biggest Success in Recent Game Industry

PUBG is one of those few games that, recently, has taken the world by storm. Being the pioneer of the ‘Battle Royal” game mechanics, it has left such an immense impact, that the players will remember in the years to come. Today we will look at the history of this game, its features and game mechanics, what game critics think about PUBG, and how it is evolving to stay relevant to the trends.

Inception with a brand new idea

PUBG was first released back in 2017 by Tencent, a gaming mega-giant corporation, and was developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the South Korean game company Bluehole. It was a game not different from any other action shooter games, but the most unique feature of this game was the ability to play with 99 other players online. The objective of the game was simple, survive until you are the last player standing. PUBG was the first game to have such game mechanics, and it grabbed everyone’s attention. Within a few months after release PUBG became the most popular game known around the world because, for the first time in a long time, a game with such a fresh idea and mechanics has entered the gaming market.

Thought of critics

Prior to PUBG, everyone was getting bored with the same mechanics in other online multiplayer games. Call of Duty and Battlefield were some of the enormous numbers of games that came with this same repetitive feature, no game felt different from the other. This was the problem that Tencent focused on, making game mechanics where players will play online but not in the traditional multiplayer way. Tencent created this new Battle Royal system and made a very comprehensible guide to make the players get familiar with the mechanics. As a result, Tencent succeeded, looking from the gaming community feedback, players not only love it, they’ve gotten addicted to it. Now all the other major game publishers have taken note of Tencent’s success and they have also integrated the Battle Royal system onto their game as well, like the latest Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fortnight, etc.

Staying relevant

Now, PUBG’s biggest challenge is not becoming the best, but staying the best. Since its first release, PUBG has made many changes to its mechanics, like having objective systems such as the Royal Pass, and Sign In Reward, Missions, Clans, etc. The best change they have made is introducing the new Theme system, where each season new skins are released based on popular trending movies, and other games. They have also introduced some new game mechanics, such as the Zombie Survive Till Dawn, Team Deathmatch and more.


In a nutshell, PUBG has become the biggest success story in recent times and has secured its name in modern gaming history. PUBG will be a subject of gossip for generations to come.

Apex Legends: The Next Big Thing In The Battle Royale Genre

apex legends boost

Respawn, the developers behind Titanfall, has recently created a new battle royale game, Apex Legends. Apex Legends has become an overnight sensation, garnering a huge number of fans in a short period of time. While the game itself has come late to the party, it does offer a decent number of features that make it fresh and can be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated. We’ll be detailing the basics of what makes the game unique, so you can just jump right in whenever you want to.

The Overview

Much like PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends is a battle royale game, though it focuses more on cooperation with your squad mates, offering better incentives to practice teamwork than working alone. The game pits 20 3-man teams against one another in a massive map filled with loot the players will need to scavenge to survive. Just like other games of the genre, players start off with virtually no items, and will have to find what they need in each map and must survive as the last team standing.


Apex Legends plays in the first person and is a shooter game that has light RPG elements, much like Destiny, and has unique specialized characters similar to what you’ll find in games like Overwatch. At its current state, it only has one play mode where 20 teams, each with 3 players, fight one another to be the last team standing. Apex Legends inherits some of the smooth movements and climbing mechanics you’ll find in Respawn’s other series, Titanfall.

What makes Apex Legends unique in this genre is that it uses a class system not unlike what you can find in certain RPG games. These “classes”, otherwise known as Legends, each offer unique abilities and ultimate skills that charge up over time, potentially able to turn the tide of battle in a pinch. Each team will need to understand the different strengths and weaknesses of their members’ classes in order to maximize their strategy. Forming the right team that can complement each member’s skill is vital. As was stated before, teamwork is king in this game. You’ll either play together or die together.

Because of the emphasis given to teamwork, communication between team members is also quite efficient. One button controls the “ping” system, where you can wordlessly draw the attention of your teammates on a location, object or a target without the need to talk.

Another unique feature to the game is that you have an option to resurrect a fallen teammate if you can recover a specific item that they drop when they die. You can only do this in certain points on the map, however, and these places are usually exposed. This adds an extra layer of strategy amongst teams, where death isn’t the absolute end.
Final Thoughts

While Apex Legends is just another game in an already saturated genre, it does quite a bit to make itself unique. It addresses a large number of issues from other battle royale games, while simultaneously emphasizing features that make it unique and fun to play. If the developers play their cards right, this game may just set the standard for future battle royale games. If you have an interest in this game, you can support my blog by checking out and their Apex Legends boosting that they provide. You might recognize them as the guys who also provide Overwatch boosting services. Use code: IWAGGLE to get 20% off your order amount.

Post Scriptum – Is it Worth the Buy?

Many gamers are constantly on the prowl for the newest and most advanced games. There has been a major push towards realism especially in the FPS community. AAA games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield have directed their attention more towards an arcade style game with an emphasis on accessibility for new players. Some players however have tastes in more realistic FPS games which reflect warfare and teamwork to a much more advanced scale. Post Scriptum has heard the players call and created an FPS game which gives an intense, realistic and tactical game for player to enjoy.

Post Scriptum is set in World War II and focuses on the European front of the war. Players are dropped into battles of massive scale where teamwork is the only way to survive. Players can assign themselves to an infantry squad, armored section, or logistics section. Each of these plays a critical role in the outcome of the battle.
Infantry is the backbone of any army and without it front lines would not change. Each infantry squad is equipped with riflemen, medics, sappers, marksmen, anti-tank, and machine guns. Each of these classes plays an important role in the success of the squad. Machine guns lay down heavy volumes of fire suppressing any enemy forces in their area while the riflemen can fire much more precise shots and maneuver with much more speed. Soldiers must use cation however as one shot will often lead to the soldier being incapacitated. Medics are very important in this case as they keep the front line manned and firing.
Being a heavy hitter of decisive action, armor is meant to support the infantry and eliminate enemy tanks. Each position in tanks (driver, gunner, commander, and hull gunner) are manned by individual players, putting a heavy emphasis on communication and teamwork. Players need to listen to their commander and work with speed to keep their tank alive and fighting. Although protected by thick armor, tanks are not effective without the support of the infantry. A tank left alone will be quickly outmaneuvered by enemy infantry and destroyed.
Logistics sections are the beating heart of the fight. They bring up important supplies which allow defenses to be erected and forward operating bases to be built which players spawn in. Logistics is great for the player who loves a support role but is not skilled enough to constantly be in the firefight.
Rating – 9.3/10
Post Scriptum is an outstanding game which puts great emphasis on teamwork and tactical realism. The developers are constantly adding new updates, features and bug fixes to keep the game optimized and entertaining. There are no obvious bias’ in the game and the multiplayer servers are run by professional groups who put integrity behind their powers.
In regards to optimization, there are very few bugs in the game which effect how playable the game is. Most bugs noticed are distant texture glitches far out of the fight. The only major issue is with a graphics card that is in the 720 range, expect some major lag spikes during airborne operations because of the heavy amount of assets in the server.
For new players, getting into the game is very easy. Players are generally very welcoming and friendly towards new players, giving them helpful tips and tricks so long as there is mutual respect shown. Each section provides an experience as if it is a new game, keeping the game fresh and exciting.
The tactical realism of the game is astounding and provides an outstanding experience for players of all skill levels.
The major pitfalls of the game relate to the more minor features of the game. Players will notice rare glitches which could have a major effect on their game play. This could range from a character getting stuck on a small lip of earth, to weapons not firing when the mouse button is clicked. These however are very rare on occasion.
Overall the game is worth purchasing and playing. It is a very reasonably priced game and surpasses all expectations for a tactically realistic game.
Post Scriptum is currently only available on PC.

Coloring Game – What you see is what you get

One of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to get into a new game is to browse the “New and Trending” or “Top Selling” categories from Steam, and yesterday I saw this game called “Coloring Game” on the list.

I was a little bit flustered about it, mainly because I’ve seen this kind of games in tablets and phone apps, and they don’t seem that appealing for actually get into them while sitting on my PC, but it was free, and the reviews were pretty good, so I decided to give it a shot.

The developer (L. Stotch) did a great job by putting together a nice, uncomplicated and fun coloring by numbers (and pixels) game, no new mechanics, no microtransactions (at the moment) and nothing besides the relaxing fun of a coloring book.

So what’s the deal with it?

Well, I’d say it comes mainly to two things, the first one being the quality of life improvements the game has for a coloring game, counting with commands to undo a move, copy a color by right-clicking it, paint a straight line while holding Shift and even digital tablet support.

The developer seems to be extremely active on the updates for the game, and I gotta say, I’m a big fan of the art used for the images that you color in the game, they use the concept of 16-bit art and apply it to different situations and images ( Right now I’m at the “Breaking Bad” inspired picture).

I’d say that in a world that goes by so fast like the one that we live in, having the opportunity to stop for a bit and play a beautiful and relaxing coloring game while you unwind and relax doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

In conclusion, and as I said at the beginning, this game deserves an opportunity if you’re looking to chill for a bit while listening to sweet music or a podcast, between stressful ranked matches or just if you’re into pixel art.

For the way this game has been evolving in the past days (The game was released on April 12th) and how already has been updated twice, adding improvements like the autosave feature (Press F5 to save), I’d say that this new trend might expand from phones to Steam, and soon enough we’ll have a good contender for the first place in the Chill/Idle game genre, one of the few genres where sometimes, less is more.

Overwatch Art Book and Comic Anthology Releasing in October

The award winning online Multiplayer first-person shooter video game Overwatch has enjoyed MASSIVE success since it was released in May, 2016. Across the Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms, over 30 million registered gamers have flocked in droves to enjoy the intense, team work based action game play and from the looks of it, there seems to be no sign of it slowing down.

Apart from the great gameplay Overwatch has to offer, the unique setting, the mythology and detailed world building that developer Blizzard has created alongside, it is immensely
detailed and interesting, causing many a fan to obsess over and discuss with other players.

There is little doubt that this uniquely crafted detail has contributed to the longevity of Overwatch. To top things off, Blizzard is getting Overwatch fans excited all over again by setting themselves up to deliver two absolute treats to them this October.

Up first is The Art Of Overwatch, a 368-page hardcover, coffee table sized art book. The hardback is set to contain a whole slew of never before seen artwork based on the world of Overwatch, plus thoughts and commentary from key development members of Blizzard. This book will surely be a “must-buy” purchase for fans.

The art book will be available in two separate editions, the standard hardcover edition (book only) which will set you back $50, and a deluxe limited edition which comes packaged in a collectors clamshell box, complete with variant cover of Overwatch’s most popular hero, Tracer, and featuring three unique prints from the Overwatch team unique to this collection. This superb deluxe edition will cost $100.

Another thing to note is that Blizzard are well known for hiding riddles, secrets and info on upcoming developments in their extended media. Fans would no doubt remember Riddler’s mind worm mount quest from World Of Warcraft with fondness, so there are sure to be more than a few little tidbits about possible future playable heroes or upcoming maps spread throughout the art book for keen eyed readers to pick up on.

Also slated for release in October is a special collector’s anthology of the Overwatch comic book series. Created by a world class team of writers and illustrators, the comics depict the interesting and unique back story of each hero in the Overwatch universe. Ever wonder how Bastion became a team member? Why Ana mysteriously disappeared? How Tracer came up with her awesome catchphrase? The answers are all contained within this essential companion to the Overwatch universe.This hardcover book will collect all of the currently released Overwatch comic books from Dark Horse Books, fans will most likely have read all 12 issues already on the Overwatch website, but for $20, the Anthology is an absolute must buy.

With the game’s one year anniversary coming up in just over a week, and a special event planned with plenty of skins, emotes, sprays and a multitude of highlight intros to be unlocked for all of the heroes, it looks like Overwatch fans are going to be quite satisfied with Blizzard’s continuing resplendent output for them over the next few months at the very least.

And, as always, please feel free to head over to Boostards if you’re ever in need of any kind of Overwatch boosting service, or Overwatch coaching!

CounterStrike: Global Offensive for Beginners

Many gamers have been a part of the CounterStrike community since the franchise’s very first installment all the way back in 1999. These veteran players may be a bit intimidating to newcomers, especially if they’re new to the competitive team shooter genre as a whole. While the curve can be steep learning the basics isn’t too hard, and with a few pointers even a fresh player can hope to be competitive.

It may sound obvious, but you need to start by learning how to shoot. Your bullets don’t simply run in a straight line towards your targeting reticule – instead, they’re going to spread out much like they would with a real gun. It’s impossible to get rid of this spread completely, but there are some steps you can take to minimize their effects. Bullet spread is severely impacted by your gun’s recoil, so shooting in short bursts to allow your aim to “reset” will improve your aim considerably. Also be aware that spread gets considerably worse when you’re moving, so you might want to consider standing still when shooting (at least until you’re more comfortable with the game). As you gain experience you’ll learn other little tricks to help counteract the spray effect, such as taking advantage of the perfect accuracy that exists in the split second when you change strafing directions.

Once you know how to aim, the next important step is to know WHERE to aim. You might find yourself saying “aim at the other team, obviously” but it’s not always as simple as that. Players move around the game map at a pretty rapid clip, so pointing your reticule directly at their face usually won’t do much. Instead, you need to learn to lead your shots – to anticipate where a player is going to be a split second from now and aiming at that point instead. What’s more, experienced players have learned how to camp around corners and other hiding places in the environment so that they can pick you and your team-mates off as you walk in to your line of sight. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the game’s various maps you’ll be able to anticipate this and mitigate their attack by aiming and firing as you strafe around the corner.

Speaking of maps, one of the most important skills a new player will need to learn is how to navigate a map smartly. Make an effort to learn each map in detail, taking special note of its critical points as well as areas where enemies might hide or try to get the jump on you. The maps are one of CounterStrike’s most defining features, each one lovingly crafted to be a strategist’s wet dream. If you don’t take advantage of their individual characteristics your opponents definitely will.

Along with managing the map, you need to learn to manage yourself. What I mean by that is, you need to learn when to be sneaky and when to use brute force. For example, crouching down and “sneaking” is a great way to keep your character quiet and avoid detection, but it will also make you much slower and a potentially more enticing target. On the other hand, attacking the enemy head-on is suicide when the opposing team is well entrenched in an easily secured area. On a related note, don’t forget that ANY noise you make could tip off nearby assailants, even the simple action of reloading your weapon.

Weapons, by the way, are another hallmark of the franchise. CounterStrike has a rather unique mechanic for obtaining guns – you earn money during each round of play, and in between rounds you’re able to purchase guns, armor, and other equipment. This mechanic might seem pretty straightforward but actually has an entire strategy all its own. Most teams will try to conserve their collective money and forego buying excessive equipment for several rounds until they have enough cash to seriously load up. If you see members of your team calling for an “eco round” or simply “eco”, it means that they’re short on money ($4,000 is a good rule of thumb) and is requesting such a forbearance. The key here is communication – don’t go rogue and buy equipment willy nilly – coordinate with your team so that you can make a harmonized attack against your opponents.

And that is the single most important lesson for a beginner to learn – talk to your team as much as possible. CounterStrike is not a solo game – you MUST work well as a team if you’re to have any hope of victory. Communicate as much as you possibly plan and follow your team’s general strategy and you’ll find yourself being a useful contributing player in no time flat.

What is Overwatch Boosting?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have noticed that I occasionally do posts about Overwatch, whether it’s about their PTR changes or Doomfist release rumours, I actually enjoy playing this game, so I tend to make more articles about it. You’ll also notice that sometimes I will publicly endorse the services provided by Boostards, and today I want to talk about this service specifically!

Boosting in Overwatch

Overwatch Boosting has been growing really fast due to the competitive nature of the game as Overwatch can be quite a tough hurdle to vault if you lack a good team. After all, it is a team dependent game and if you are regularly stuck with terrible teammates who constantly hold you back or find yourself not performing up to par. This can be frustrating and demoralizing.

Therefore, you may find yourself in need of some additional assistance from competent players to aid you with your quest to reach Top 500. Boosting is a service offered by companies of your choice to help you reach any rank in the game, either by letting them “pilot” your account or grouping up with them while you play on your own account. They would then do their utmost to carry your account, or yourself, during the competitive matches, to great victory!

A number of websites have started to appear since this service’s inception and Overwatch boosting just seems to appear to start getting quite competitive itself. Some of these sites charge a hefty price tag that can go into the range of hundreds of dollars, but it seems that with how competitive the game itself is, and how much money people are spending online these days, boosting in Overwatch won’t be going away anytime soon.

However, one needs to be more careful with the malicious security risks of granting an unknown person unrestricted access to your account. They may charge your account with hefty in-game purchases, and in the worst case scenario, they might delete it completely. This is why I would recommend doing your research and making sure you are certain that the boosting company you have selected is trustworthy before giving them your account details.

This is why I would recommend doing your research and making sure you are certain that the boosting company you have selected is trustworthy before giving them your account details. Either that or you can opt to go with the “duo queue” option which is exactly what I did when I purchased my Overwatch boost from these guys.

Furthermore, boosting is not restricted to only PC players. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are also offered the service by most of the sites providing this service.

For Honor is Finally Here!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you’ll know that I have included For Honor in a number of my past articles like here and here. You know just how much I have been waiting and looking forward to getting my hands on this game, and now IT’S FINALLY HERE! 

This new title from Ubisoft will blow your mind away with its amazing attention to detail and an awesome gameplay with superb graphics all rolled into one! For Honor is the game you have always wanted to play but never could because there wasn’t anything like it. It is a brutal melee fighting game that offers a lot of action to the player and engages the player in a storyline that runs along deep inside the game. It looks like an ordinary action game on the exterior but it is really a complex fighting game once you start exploring it. Since it is built on a flexible melee fighting system which is also technically very competent, For Honor offers you an amazing experience playing it.

Ubisoft is using their existing fighting system “The Art of Battle” to run the game which makes it more of a traditional fighting game over a mindless killing game. If you lock on to an opponent, the game immediately goes into “Duel Mode” which enables you to find out which direction your opponent is guarding and attack them in a vulnerable place to defeat them. Winning a fight without making some heads roll is next to impossible, that’s how much the game has an eye for detail!

Even though the game may seem simple with just a couple of moves, it is so much more complex with a variety of attacks like combos, parries, guardbreaks, dodges, feints, recoveries, stuns and the ever popular grisly executions. All these moves are distributed among the heroes of the three factions. The three factions are the Knights, Vikings and the Samurai. Each faction has four main heroes. The heroes include a Vanguard who is the all-purpose hero, a Heavy which is a slow warrior but hits hard, an Assassin who is a deadly warrior but too fragile and a Hybrid who has access to a lot of long range weapons with high utility. Personally, I think the Heavier warriors make for a more exciting experience as they cannot be defeated easily and can still inflict tons of damage.

That said, all of the heroes feel pretty well balanced and you can find comfort with any of them. They all have certain strengths and some weaknesses which make them all equal when it comes to melee attacks which earn you the same amount of kill points. Since this variety is spread out among the heroes, you can always choose a hero you feel comfortable with and increase your game playing pleasure.

Apart from the engaging multiplayer levels, For Honor also has a dedicated single player campaign. It is divided across the three factions with six missions in each chapter thereby clocking up a total runtime of 6-8 hours which is fulfilling, to say the least.

Despite having to live up to some crazy expectations, For Honor carries it off pretty well and is quite engaging. The flaws such as the snowballing victories in team mode pale in comparison to the actual gameplay of this amazing game. After all, Ubisoft’s Art Of Battle is second to none. Once you start playing For Honor, it is very hard to stop which shows how exciting the game is.

Here’s a short gameplay video that shows some players pulling off some nice clutch plays. Enjoy!

5 More of My Most Anticipated Games of 2017

2016 was a great year for us with lots of amazing releases. However, 2017, new year new me right? Here are 5 more of 2017’s tiles that I’m really looking forward to playing, and why. These are different titles that I posted in my previous “Top Games” article, so please give it a read!

1. Legend of Zelda remains (RPG)

There are currently over 40 Nintendo switch games confirmed for release in 2017. However, the Legend of Zelda remains. This game was expected in 2016, but it was pushed back and will now be released in 2017, with the developers already picking March 3 as its launch date. The game will also be released alongside the Nintendo switch, making it available for both the Wii U and the switch platform. This game contains some peculiar game mechanics with a cooking link, sliding down on his shield and many other quirky stuff. This game promises to be the best Zelda game ever.

2. Batallion 1944 (FPS, Multiplayer)

The battlefield 1 came with a lot of thrill, but all focus has shifted to Battalion 1994 on its announcement, because of the back to basics feel of a World War II shooter it gives. From the preview, the game has a beautiful outlook; it will also be multiplayer ONLY and will be available for PS4, XBOX and PC. You can definitely look forward to this title if you’re an FPS buff.

3. Nioh (Action RPG)

Personally, I am a huge fan of samurais, and Nioh promises to be another great one from the team ninja, the RPG game is expected to be available by February and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. From its demo, it is garnered that you will play the role of a western samurai who would attempt to slay all enemies (both humans and supernatural) in a typical ancient Japanese setting. The game is quite dark in nature but full of excitement. I’m definitely looking forward to role-playing a western samurai.

4. Shenmue 3 (Action Adventure)

This game was expected in 2016, but it is now set to be released in 2017. It is a continuation of the Hazuki story of the Shenmue 2, with Lan Di and a new antagonist featuring as well. The game created a record on Kickstarter after it reached an initial target of $2 million under 8 hours.

5. Vampyr (RPG)

Vampyr is yet another great game from Dontnod, it involves a vampire doctor who struggles to fight his vampire condition. He tries to abide to the Hippocratic Oath despite the thirst for blood. The game is a set in 1918 during a flu pandemic in London, and Dontnod has noted that it is possible to complete the entire game without spilling a drop of blood. This game is a master piece that vampire fans can’t wait to start playing.

These are 5 titles that I’m looking forward to playing in Q1 of 2017. I know there are a bunch of other game titles that I’ve missed out here, but that just proves how amazing of a year 2017 will be for gamers worldwide. Looking forward to it!

Why Playstation Vita Lost to Nintendo 3DS?

In the past few months, there had been a growing rumor that the Playstation Vita will soon be discontinued by Sony. There had been many reports of a steady decline of Vita’s hardware and game availability from numerous retail stores in North America. On the other hand, its rival the Nintendo 3DS, still continues to steadily make a good number of sales. So what caused the downfall of the Vita?

Since the early days of the “Console Wars”, Sony has always relied on the superiority of their hardware to promote their products – better graphics, faster processors. While this is still true today on their handheld devices, it is somehow no longer significant to the consumers as reflected in the market figures. The initial reception for the Playstation Vita was quite good with combined sales of more than 500,000 units in North America and Japan! From there however, figures had a general decline in the succeeding years. Here are some of the factors that may have contributed to the downfall of the Vita:

Emergence of Mobile Games

Mobile phones are considered to be one of most essential devices of this generation. Its emergence heralded the demise of many technologies in the past – pagers, FM radios, digital cameras and PDAs, among others. This also poses a threat to handheld consoles now that the market for mobile games rises in popularity not only for casual gamers but to hardcore ones as well. Many consumers would rather purchase a phone with tons of practical uses that one that is designed specifically for games. Titles like Mobile Strike and Clash Royale are the favoured on-the-go games for many gamers.

Game Titles

Let’s face it. When people hear the word Nintendo, a face of Mario instantly pops out of their minds. One of the strongest reasons why Nintendo kept a tight grip on the handheld market was their own set of exclusive titles. The Pokemon video game franchise alone has sold about 279 million games worldwide as of February 2016. This together with Monster Hunter, Super Mario, Super Smash Brothers and The Legend of Zelda, among others ensure that a steady number of fans will support their devices. Sony might also have notable exclusives under their name, but numbers prove that it is not enough to keep them afloat in the market.

Game Production

Apparently, hardware superiority is also one of the downfalls of the Vita. Its advanced specifications made it harder for developers to create games. They find it harder to utilize some of the PS Vita’s features. It also poses a great risk for game developers to produce a high budget title given the uncertainty of Vita’s consumer base. This is possibly one of the reasons why Nintendo chose to produce cheaper consoles and focused their strength more on innovative ideas.


Top Gaming Titles You Should Look Out For in 2017

The year 2016 has so far witnessed the release of phenomenal video games. Avid video gamers still cannot get enough of the fresh game titles released this year such as No Man’s sky, Tom Clancy ‘s The Division, Call of Duty infinite Warfare and more. The year is coming to a close soon so I want to take this opportunity to talk about a couple of game titles I think will be big hits in the coming year, 2017. I have lined up some of the most anticipated games for the coming year on PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo and PC gaming platforms. Here are the games that everyone should be the most excited about.

Lords of the Fallen

The first release looked pretty much like the Dark Souls but it didn’t have anything close to it’s level of difficulty. The game was good but not great and we anticipate that the second version due to be relased in 2017 should fix all the pitfalls that rocked the first. Lords of the Fallen is developed by CI games and they intend to gain more popularity through this new franchise, we are not exactly sure how they will pull this off but it makes the wait for the release of the game somewhat mouthwatering.

Injustice 2

News of a 2017 version of injustice 2 just keep making the rounds and from all indications, we are set to witness in the coming year the continuation of this exciting video game. It is expected to be on PS4, and Xbox One platforms with new features such as the ability of players to fine-tune their characters by unlocking new armour which will give the game an RPG feel. WB games says it will have the highest roster of DC fighting games and we cannot wait to see what all these promises will eventually turnout to be.


This game was launched in 2016, but from the looks of things, it isn’t slowing time any time soon. With the recent Overwatch League that Blizzard launched, exciting new Christmas event coming up this month, the new Overwatch rank system and Season 3 of competitive kicking off. Many Overwatch players are so excited that they’ve started purchasing Overwatch boosting services that apparently help them to obtain certain competitive ranks and rewards in the game. The Season resets every 3 months but players of Overwatch are definitely kicking it up over the new year, and into the new year.

For Honor

If you love Viking stories like most people do, then For Honor should be a game to forward to in the coming year. Slated for release on February 14 2017, the game involves players taking up one of 3 roles; a Viking, Knight or Samuari. Of course, you should expect each role to come with unique abilities to help you during gameplay. Unfortunately, the proposed analog system of control will require a higher level of accuracy for you to be successful in the game.

Crash Bandicoot

Arguably one of the most popular E3 games, Crash Bandicoot is expected to make a dramatic return to the PS4 scene very soon. This was confirmed by E3’s announcement this year, and most lovers of crash cannot wait to have him on PS4. The new version of the game is expected to be a remastered version of the crash 1, 2, and 3, although we are not certain whether all game modes will be packed together.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This yet another Playstation exclusive Guerrila game and we are somewhat excited about the prospects of the game. A fantastic mixture of fiction and robotics, where you will play as Bow-yeilding female hero who is focused on defeating robotic creatures. Horizon zero down promises to be a fascinating video game which is scheduled to be released on PS4 platforms by 3 March 2017.


With the following lineup, I’m definitely getting hyped for 2017, I’m not sure about you but as you can tell, I’m looking forward to playing the RE-MASTERED Crash Bandicoot. Just reminicsing about the themesong now really brings back so much nostalgia.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

When Blizzard decided to launch the paper-based version of World of Warcraft it was not a surprise to most gamers. This game befell its predecessors including Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, and YuGiOh. Fans were left dejected when Blizzard opted to remove the game from the market but little did anyone know that the developers were going to pull yet another surprise that will leave people talking. The new game was none other than Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. If you have never played this game then you have a long way to go in the gaming community. The game has been around since the year 2013 in which it was first launched.

Over the years, Hearthstone has received positive reviews from gaming enthusiasts and critics alike. This is yet another reason as to why you should seriously consider trying out this game after reading this review if you have never played the game before. Despite the bad press and skepticism that it has attracted, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft remains one of the most addictive and popular online TCGs of the millennium. Hate it or love it, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is simply one of a kind.

Hearthstone can be defined as a digital collectible card game that allows players to collect and craft their cards along with their decks, and take part in 1 on 1 combat against other deck builders in a couple of different game modes. Essentially, you build a board with monsters or minions and try to take your opponent’s health down to 0 in order to win. Each hero starts with 30 health and by using monsters, minions or spells you deal damage to your opponent in order to defeat them and claim victory.

Some game modes include Constructed Play, Arena and Brawl. In constructed, you are expected to play with a default or, as it’s name suggests, a constructed deck. In arena, you are required to draft cards to form a deck and play against other arena duelists. In brawl, Blizzard makes a fine case for a “for fun” game mode with their weekly challenges and wonky game rules that many players would argue to be the most creative game mode we’ve seen in years.

Fans of the Warcraft series will not be disappointed to find that cards like Leeroy Jenkins or Deathwing are included in the Hearthstone franchise. Most of these rare cards are classed as Legendary and can be extremely hard to obtain or cost a bunch of dust to craft.
This game is meant for both beginners and experienced players. Regardless of your level of experience as far as collectible games are concerned, Hearthstone has simple modes that will make it easy to play the game right from the start. At the introductory level, you will learn about the basics of the game as you take a walk through different kinds of duels and PVE while unlocking cards that you will find along the way. One of the interesting things about this game is that players have the privilege to select classes when constructing decks.

In conclusion, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is among the most entertaining games that anyone can play. The game is easy to play, competitive, and most of all, ADDICTING. iWaggle definitely recommends any gamer to give this Blizzard franchise a shot. Finally, as it so happens, Hearthstone Academy also provides Hearthstone Boosting services, which you can use if you are having trouble with the PVE quarters and climbing the ranked ladder.

My Take on League of Legends

League of Legends: a game that, for me, was as visually entertaining as it was user friendly. My usual preference in gaming-practices tends to lie with your classic first-person-shooters (Halo has always been an undeniable favorite of mine) along with the classic, lose-yourself-for-days-on-end RPG’s- classics like Final Fantasy Seven (come on people, Cloud’s iconic sword was beyond epic). Also, as this is the flagship game of one of my blog’s sponsors, LoL Academy, I am kind of obligated to do this review. I can assure you that I will not be biased in my review of the game.

Ultimately, I would give this game a positive review. League of Legends itself is free-to-play, with an incredible draw being held in the fact that the game features an addicting, fast-paced online multiplayer aspect; combining even more competition within an already competitive virtual setting. Throughout, I was engaged in the constant onslaught of minions who were easily dismantled as I continued on my quest for glory.

Within the game, several components kept me constantly on the go, seeking upgrades (armor, clothing, weaponry, etc) which can be strategically equipped to increase resistance against attacks, inflict greater amounts of damage on foes, enable new magical abilities such as regeneration. Free-to-play, or “freemium” models have been become increasingly popular amongst the gaming community, especially those companies choosing to focus on mobile platforms. This model can be successful at best and infuriating at worst. I’ve played games that claimed to be “free” but were constructed in a way that made timely progress virtually impossible within forking over credit card information. League of Legends prevails, allowing those who wish to spend actual dollars within the game the ability to do so while enabling those who do not to work their way through the game without penalties like time delays.

The game features several strengths, helping it to stand out amongst the sea of gaming options. As an avid gamer, I marveled at the visual effects present constantly within the games numerous battles. I found my self constantly engaging in battles, even battles that would be described as suicide missions, such was the extend of my enjoyment visually. When engaging minions, vibrant colors would explode amongst the melee, issuing “oooo” and “ahhhh” from this happy game player. The visual effects alone kept me involved, constantly wondering what was waiting to reveal itself behind the next bend.

My next personal favorite within the game: the sounds! League of Legends demonstrates a wonderful mixture of auditory stimuli, further immersing the player within every encounter with an enemy: every swing of the sword issues a metallic, crisp sound, minions issue barbaric yelped upon engagement, explosion are fantastically complex in their depth of tone- this is not a game that features outdate sound effects. Relating to sound, the background musical track is phenomenal (picture something of the Lord of The Rings variety). Within League of Legends, the background music is perfectly overlaid with the chaotic mixture of battlefield sounds- the music is not overpowering and compliments each scene magnificently, adding even more excitement to each action-packed situation.

I would highly recommend League of Legends to anyone looking for a cooperative, immersive experience filled with rich characters, captivating settings, intellectually challenging options, and rewarding achievements. Whether in the company of a team or solo, you won’t lose your interest as a heroic summoner of the Fields of Justice!

Call of Duty vs. Battlefield, A New Frontier in War Games

As we close out the month of November, many people have now had the opportunity to play or at least watch the newest installments of the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. These are going to be two of the biggest games of the year, no matter what. People are going to debate over which is the best for the next 6 months, until we hear about the next installments and have something new to talk about, however, I believe the people are starting to lean to one side over the other.

Call of Duty has been taking a direction that pushes gamers farther and farther from the real world style of war, into heavy use of robotics and most recently space. On the other hand, Battlefield has gone the complete opposite direction, and taken players back to the origins of war, with a game based on World War 1. The name Call of Duty is sure to attract millions of players every year no matter what, or at least that is the way it has been for the last 10 years. Activision has created an empire and for a long time, they were earning every game that they sold. However, CoD games have been almost identical going back to Black Ops 2. Granted, BO2 was one of the best Call of Duty games ever released, but since then, we’ve had the same game with minor changes over and over. The push forward into space, for myself and many others, was just the last straw. The re-master of Modern Warfare was certainly a step in the right direction, but making that game only available with Infinite Warfare only pushed us away even more.

What players wanted most this year, as far as I am concerned, is exactly what the new Battlefield title gave us: an old school shooter with normal, real world weapons and tools, but with the most modern visuals and gameplay that current generation consoles can give us. This game looks incredible, and from what I have seen and heard, it really offers up a great interpretation of what the Great War was actually like. Honestly, that is the best part of these games, experiencing and relating to the game and the situation without actually, ya know, going to war. Battlefield 1 takes us back to the days when a war game was relatable and you could really dive into the game. I hate to say it, but all Call of Duty did this year was put forward a knock off version of Halo. Sorry CoD, you’re about 15 years late on that one.

I am absolutely positive that there are millions of people out there who feel differently than me, and I hope you truly enjoy the newest Call of Duty game. However, I bought BO3 and CoD Ghosts and don’t feel like spending $60 on that same game with a different title again. Battlefield designers really listened to the people this year, and put together a masterpiece of a game, and I am guessing that they will be rewarded going forward. On the other hand, watch out Activision. You might not be quite so invincible after all.