Dota 2’s Winter Pass 2017 Edition

The new arrival of the world renown Dota 2 winter 2017 Battle Pass compendium has had a wonderful response on its recent worldwide release and the prize pool has yet to reach its end.

The Battle Pass offers many new immortal items and other visual effects ranging from the map itself, to character skins, couriers, taunts and many other effects too numerous to mention.

It is advisable that anyone considering the following information before making the credit card purchase of this Steam and Dota 2 product. The adverts lead its players and potential buyers to believe that the visual effects and item sets of each playable hero are won off as a complete “Set” which generally includes 6 separate items to form a set. The items are sold at a specific price separately in any normal instance however with the battle pass the prizes are not sets including all 6 items. Only a single item is awarded which is not told to the public.

To add, there is also an issue on the leveling up of this Battle Pass product because unlike a normal Profile “level increment” which is based on winning and losing matches; the Battle Pass levels are based on bets dependent on the wagered coins, completion of daily quests and the participation and completion of specifically chosen quest-lines. Once a player has used up their pool of wagered points, which totals strictly one thousand a week and has completed the 3 active quest-lines entirely the player is then left with the single option to generate leveling experience which amounts to playing a specific hero and winning. Other than this option, players are almost forced to having to spend actual money to generate further experience points so that they may actually achieve the Battle Pass levels ranging from 1 to over 900. Currently, I am at level 20 and am nearing the completion of what I mentioned above. I’m guessing I would probably reach level 40 once completing all quest-lines and a few wagers.

On a plus note, the Battle Pass offers a vibrant assortment of visual effects tied to this compendium which cannot be obtained anywhere else, to add the price of getting this is incredibly cheap as-well so the common worker could easily purchase it without a problem and parents could easily buy it for their children as the price would, in no way have any real impact on their money. Also, updates are done daily, so ensure you have a good internet limit but they are updates that help the game have no bugs or glitches. Personally, I have not seen any since having joined in 2013

To conclude, it is worth buying if you are either a new or seasoned Dota 2 player as it adds a new perspective on online gaming as a community because as no doubt many will agree, the game is incredibly addictive, enticing as well as infuriating at times but without a doubt, no matter how many times you walk away from the game in anger I would bet that you would have a desire to play more in a hours time!