League of Legends’ Next Champion: Sett

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League of Legends’ newest champion Aphelios was released since patch 9.23. While playing Aphelios has already become a hot trend in the ranked game, some other players are looking for the following new champion.

Back in October 2019, Riot posted a Champion Roadmap on Nexus, a subpage on its official website about game information behind the scenes. Champion Roadmap was about the new champions that Riot has been working on, and it introduced a new scene — a smokin’ hot juggernaut straight out of the Ionian underground. It seemed that the new champion would soon dress the stage of fighters in League of Legends.

Following the champion information post on League of Legends’ Universe, It’s confirmed that the new juggernaut, Sett, is on his way to the game.

Sett has just hit the PBE server for testing. Information on his skills, stats, and story are available from new updates. On his recently posted biography on the Universe Champion Page, Sett was a “half-beast” outcast child of a mixed family. To follow in his father’s footsteps, Sett became a fighter in the Noxian pits. Now he has reigned over the pit of Ionia and run his illicit business as a ruler in the flourishing underworld of crimes.

Sett is designed to be a perfect melee fighter with aggression and devastating punching abilities. The League of Legends’ patch 10.1 notes on PBE indicates Sett as a no-mana physical damage champion with incredible combat abilities.

Pit Grit, his passive, makes his basic attacks switch between Left Punches and Right Punches, using the former as the starting hit. His basic attack will reset back to a Left Punch after performing a Right Punch or not doing it within 2 seconds. Left Punches have his AD while Right Punches deal bonus damage and grant Sett as much as 8 times of his attack speed.

His Q is called Knuckle Down. It increases his movement speed if he is moving towards an enemy champion, for 1.5 seconds after using it. His next two basic attacks are also granted with additional damage , increased as leveling up.

His W is Haymaker, which stores 100% of the damage taken in the last four seconds, up to 50% of Sett’s maximum health. While activating his W, Sett blasts a huge strike towards a target area. It costs all of his Grit to deal 25% (+ 10% per bonus AD) of his stored Grit as physical damage, or true damage instead if his target is hit in the center of his W direction.

Facebreaker, Sett’s E, gets him punching enemies around him and pull them in together. It deals physical damage and slows them down for a short time. If Facebreaker hits more than one opponent on both of his sides, Sett stuns all of them for 1 second.

Finally, His R, The Show Stopper, is a solo champion target ability that deals a massive amount of damage. Sett grabs his opponent and smashes them to the dust, dealing 200/300/400 (+10% of bonus AD) physical damage to the target and less damage to the enemies nearby. It also imposes a 99% slow down to enemies within the impact area for 1.5 seconds.

It might be a piece of good news for League of Legends players who love fighters, yet the release date of Sett is still waiting to be set. 

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