My FIFA 19 Review

The newest version of the most popular soccer game, FIFA, was released earlier this year. The new installation has some major improvements that any gamer is going to enjoy and be very impressed with. As usual, the creators of the game spent a lot of energy and time trying to improve the gameplay, graphics, and innovative features to ensure that the beloved game would keep a hold of its faithful clients while attracting new ones from rival games such as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

In terms of gameplay, the game has improved in terms of the way players jostle for the ball. It is now more realistic and takes into account the strength and pace of players in keeping the ball. This realistic feel is what gamers like most about their games as it closely simulates what happens on the pitch. A player like Ronaldo can now push past defender and score since he is strong and physical while some other less physical players cannot do the same.

Finishing is one of the most fun parts of a soccer game and players love it when there are improvements to this aspect. In FIFA 19, there have been improvements made to the finishing aspect with clean, crisp ball movements that closely mimic the real game. A new feature has been added that enables one to boost shots so that they are faster and have more likelihood of hitting the net. This feature is known as the after-touch and is enabled by pressing the shoot button twice just as the player goes to kick the ball. This adds exciting attacking options and offers better ball control that most gamers shall come to love.

Just as it is in the real game, FIFA 19 adds the concept of drama according to the situation. For instance, derbies are louder and the fans taunt the opposing players a lot. There is also increased intensity in the atmosphere during the closing stages of a game especially when a team is trailing. Players can be seen to get agitated and emotional and they can even shove each other from annoyance. Individual players in the real world are known to have different aggression and emotion levels and this is reflected in the game where a player like Suarez appears more agitated than other calmer players like Messi.

Refereeing in FIFA 19 has been made to reflect what happens in the real soccer world. Referees are known to sometimes make mistakes especially in high-intensity games and this can be observed in the game. Things like questionable penalty awards at the closing stages of a game are known to add drama to the game and it is often observed in FIFA 19 when the referee gives a penalty for what would be considered a soft foul. These refereeing decisions can sometimes go against a player and other times go their way so they add a drama level that cannot be predicted, making the game more interesting.

Overall, FIFA 19 has seen great improvements both in the gameplay and the presentation and many gamers shall be very pleased with it. The improvements are welcome and the game promises to offer a lot of fun moments for those gamers who love soccer.