Overwatch Patch News From Me!

I don’t usually do posts like this one, but as I’ve been playing Overwatch quite often recently, no thanks for Boosting Hero and their Overwatch boosting services, that I actually do use often especially the duo queue one where I pair up with one of their professional players and go into ranked games together… I thought I’d do an update post since this patch was quite anticipated with all the changes and new additions to the game.

The latest update introduces various changes to four heroes of the game, a new map, and bug fixes. This update re-balances Brigitte, Ana, Reinhardt and the Widowmaker to reply to the previous updates of Overwatch and additions of heroes. Ana has been updated to increase the precision level when defining her rifle’s sensitivity movements when zoomed. Brigitte now can be knocked to match her opponents when bashing Reinhardt’s Charge or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch. In the previous versions, only Reinhardt and Doomfist could be stunned allowing Brigitte to have more hits prior to either hero recovering.

Reinhardt and Widowmaker feature major changes. Like Ana, you can control the Widow maker’s sensitivity more when zoomed. She now maintains her whole momentum when she is using her grappling hook in case she connects to some structure without a ledge. Earth shatter capability of Reinhardt has also been overhauled. It can now always go up the inclines, constantly hit near foes near the wall and round a payload. Additionally, it is no longer going to destroy enemies behind the barriers or bash the enemy’s ability’s damage cone when the wave is over.

The Overwatch patch, one featuring Ashe, is live. This implies that the white-haired, new gunslinger is off PTR and everyone can play it, however, you will require a complete game re-installation. The update runs up to 20 GB in size, which could be lesser if you have installed the PTR. You do not have to uninstall Overwatch prior to getting an update, but you will have to be patient. The download speed may go to 0 Kb/s for a long time, which is normal and fine.

This update will also patch some bugs, the most noticeable bug is one which prompted weapons to fire a myriad of shots at a go- for instance, the fusion cannons of D. Va’s and the Hellfire Shotguns of the Reaper- to deal inconsistently with critical damage to foe heroes. The complete patch notes are found on Overwatch’s official website.


  1. Fixed the bug causing players to at times slip-off the railings.
  2. Fixed the bug which obstructed Torbjorn Armor Packs from updating itself in case the ability directly settled on friendly targets.

Communication Wheel

  1. Fixed the bug which was causing a delay in the picked alternatives on the Wheel as you cycle left with your mouse.



  1. Solved the bug which prompted the shield bash movement of Brigitte to be interrupted when impacting the turret’s of Symettra


  1. Solved the bug causing the Seismic Slam of Doomfist to cancel while using the Teleporter of Symmetra.


  1. Solved the bug which permitted D. Va to escape from the map in case she utilized Call Mech as she stood on the Ice Wall of Mei.


  1. Fixed the bug causing the Cryo-Freeze to hinder Mei’s line of sight.


  1. Solved the bug which could allow Reinhardt to pin the target behind him while utilizing Charge.
  2. Solved the bug which blocked Reinhardt from pinning targets as he turned in the Charge.
  3. Solved the bug which allowed Reinhardt use the Earth shatter as he stood on the head of the enemy.