Jax Ultimate Guide

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Jax is probably one of the essential champions that a top laner needs to master in high elo, diamond rank and above. It is not difficult to play Jax well, as his abilities are mostly straightforward. But what matters most is to understand the purpose of each of his abilities.

Here is the ultimate guide of playing Jax, including his role, plays, tricks, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s get right into it.

Role: Jax is designed to be a strong melee fighter, yet his Q gains access to ranged champions. That’s what makes him a sustained damage dealer and deadly assassin’ at the same time. The maximum of CDR is the key build for Jax, and focusing on eliminating ranged champion in a team fight would be the best choice.

Plays: In the early game, there is usually a situation in which, your enemy stays back when you reach full passive stacks or stays under tower the whole time. Yet, Jax is a melee champion, so it can be hard for him to deal damage without getting attacked by the tower. Here is one way to eliminate the enemy at full health under the tower, and it only works after level six. So basically, what you need to do is controlling the minion waves for a bit until they become a large wave. While minions are attacking the tower, you make sure your third attack is on your enemy. After you hit the enemy with the ultimate passive and W, use Q to jump to the back of the minions. So you only get hit by the tower once, and you win the trade. Your enemy will finally hit low health after a few times, and you can quickly eliminate them under the tower.

Tricks: His W almost immediately resets his basic attack, which means you can press W after a basic attack to quickly make another attack with additional magic damage. If you are facing a ranged champion in the top lane, it is better to maximum Q first. Ranged champions usually do less damage than melee damage, other than the advantage of attack range. Being in the attack range is deadly for ranged champions, and they definitely lose fights to Jax in melee. That’s why you can learn Q at level one instead of E so that you aren’t getting poked by ranged champions.

Advantages: Jax is also a perfect solo lane pusher. Jax is absolutely the strongest solo fighter and solo lane pusher in the late game. That’s why Jax players need to take advantage of his strong 1vs1 power. If you have a lead in the game, solo pushing and helping teammates both work very well. If you choose to solo push, it probably takes more than one player on the other team to kill you. In the meantime, your teammates could be taking down objects or winning team fights. However, Jax doesn’t have crowd damage abilities. That’s why building a Titanic Hydra is good for Jax if you decide to solo push.

Disadvantages: Jax is relatively weak among melee fighters in the early game. Unless your enemy lets you have the full stack of passive ability, it is almost impossible to win a fight or trade against a lot of melee champions. Once Jax reaches level 6, his sustained damage would be on a whole new level.

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How to Catch a Ditto in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Ditto is one of the most sought after pokémon, and nabbing one always seems to be a little tricky in ever game. With the variety of new pokémon introduced in Sword and Shield, in addition to the new “wild area” and weather mechanic, you might be wondering where you can find a ditto in the Galar region. Turns out, it’s surprisingly easy, but there’s a few catches.

So Close, Yet So Far

Early in the game, you’re introduced to the nursery on Route 5 (you can also leave pokémon to breed at Bridge Field). Since dittos are handy for breeding, you might be thinking that dittos might spawn on a nearby route. That’s not the case, as with Pokémon Sun and Moon. You’ll have to wait until later in the story to be able to access the wild area where ditto spawns.

Ditto spawns in the grassy area behind the Lake of Outrage, just to the left of the entrance of Hammerlocke (you can peer at it from the edge of the cliff). This area is surrounded by water, so the only way to get to it is to use your bike. Upgrading your bike on Route 9 later in the game will enable you to use your bike on water, and cross lakes and streams. Once you’ve gotten your upgrade, you can pedal to the shore and reach the grassy area across the Lake of Outrage where ditto spawns. Interestingly, eeveelutions are also found to spawn wild here.

Finding a Shiny Ditto

Ditto carries the same probability of finding a shiny as other pokémon. One important thing to note about Sword and Shield is that shiny pokémon do NOT appear shiny in the overworld. That means that a ditto won’t appear shiny until you actually encounter it in battle. While finding a shiny has the traditional odds of 1/4096, there are some ways to improve those odds. Some players have figured out you have a higher chance of encountering a shiny pokémon if you’ve battled the species a high number of times before. Others report that catch combos, like those introduced in Let’s Go, also greatly improve your chances in Sword and Shield.

The most useful trick, however, is to obtain your shiny charm, which you can get after completing the Galar Pokédex. If you’re like me, though, and like to savor the story mode, then ditto may be far off for you. There’s always the option to trade, which opens up the possibilities of having a foreign named ditto or one with perfect IVs. However you find your ditto, enjoy cloning your starter and trading your pokémon!

Dota 2 – Guide Sven

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Sven is part of the actual META. Sven has become one of the most powerful carries in this patch. This is because Sven’s abilities had been modified with Aghanim’s Scepter.

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Sven has enough HP since level 1 and this allows him to be offlaner and carry. He can take damage during the lane stage without problems. Since Sven’s first skill Storm Hammer had been modified, it is better to play him as the carry. With his ultimate, you will have plenty of damage to kill your enemies. In the middle ranks, Guardian to Archon Sven has been a win rate of 57% which is insane.

Whether you are offlaner or carry you have to be active and help in team fights. He has decent movement speed to catch enemies, so you have to initiate most of the fights, but be careful to not initiate when you’re alone.


His amazing win rate in this parch is due to his first skill modification with Aghanim’s Scepter now it moves Sven to the target of the hammer, and plus the stun, and damage of the skill itself, Sven also hits 1 time, all of this with one skill. So, you have to maximize first Storm Hammer along with Great Clave his second skill, with this ability you hit all enemies around him, it is like if you have a Battle Fury. When you reach level 6 you will have your ultimate God’s Strength that gives you a lot of damage based on how much Strength attribute you have. During his ultimate, you are a killer machine.


At the beginning a simple build with enough regeneration 6x tangos, 2 gauntlets of strength. 1 enchanted mango. First, go for a couple of Bracers, these will have more resistance, hp and strength attributes than later will help you to have more damage with your ultimate. Then go for Power Treads, and for min 12, 14 you will have enough gold to buy Echo Sabre. By now you probably will have enough farm, and gold to buy your wanted Aghanim’s Scepter. With it, you are able to start killing everyone with the help of your supports.

Sven is the hero with a higher win rate in this parch. Remember, first to focus on farming to get your essential items, once you get to the middle game with your Aghanim’s Scepter you are going to be unstoppable. This hero is been spammed by players of all ranks even Divine players are spamming him. Probably his ability will be re-worked in the next patch but for now, let’s take advantage of it and win with him.

League of Legends’ Next Champion: Sett

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League of Legends’ newest champion Aphelios was released since patch 9.23. While playing Aphelios has already become a hot trend in the ranked game, some other players are looking for the following new champion.

Back in October 2019, Riot posted a Champion Roadmap on Nexus, a subpage on its official website about game information behind the scenes. Champion Roadmap was about the new champions that Riot has been working on, and it introduced a new scene — a smokin’ hot juggernaut straight out of the Ionian underground. It seemed that the new champion would soon dress the stage of fighters in League of Legends.

Following the champion information post on League of Legends’ Universe, It’s confirmed that the new juggernaut, Sett, is on his way to the game.

Sett has just hit the PBE server for testing. Information on his skills, stats, and story are available from new updates. On his recently posted biography on the Universe Champion Page, Sett was a “half-beast” outcast child of a mixed family. To follow in his father’s footsteps, Sett became a fighter in the Noxian pits. Now he has reigned over the pit of Ionia and run his illicit business as a ruler in the flourishing underworld of crimes.

Sett is designed to be a perfect melee fighter with aggression and devastating punching abilities. The League of Legends’ patch 10.1 notes on PBE indicates Sett as a no-mana physical damage champion with incredible combat abilities.

Pit Grit, his passive, makes his basic attacks switch between Left Punches and Right Punches, using the former as the starting hit. His basic attack will reset back to a Left Punch after performing a Right Punch or not doing it within 2 seconds. Left Punches have his AD while Right Punches deal bonus damage and grant Sett as much as 8 times of his attack speed.

His Q is called Knuckle Down. It increases his movement speed if he is moving towards an enemy champion, for 1.5 seconds after using it. His next two basic attacks are also granted with additional damage , increased as leveling up.

His W is Haymaker, which stores 100% of the damage taken in the last four seconds, up to 50% of Sett’s maximum health. While activating his W, Sett blasts a huge strike towards a target area. It costs all of his Grit to deal 25% (+ 10% per bonus AD) of his stored Grit as physical damage, or true damage instead if his target is hit in the center of his W direction.

Facebreaker, Sett’s E, gets him punching enemies around him and pull them in together. It deals physical damage and slows them down for a short time. If Facebreaker hits more than one opponent on both of his sides, Sett stuns all of them for 1 second.

Finally, His R, The Show Stopper, is a solo champion target ability that deals a massive amount of damage. Sett grabs his opponent and smashes them to the dust, dealing 200/300/400 (+10% of bonus AD) physical damage to the target and less damage to the enemies nearby. It also imposes a 99% slow down to enemies within the impact area for 1.5 seconds.

It might be a piece of good news for League of Legends players who love fighters, yet the release date of Sett is still waiting to be set. 

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PUBG: The biggest Success in Recent Game Industry

PUBG is one of those few games that, recently, has taken the world by storm. Being the pioneer of the ‘Battle Royal” game mechanics, it has left such an immense impact, that the players will remember in the years to come. Today we will look at the history of this game, its features and game mechanics, what game critics think about PUBG, and how it is evolving to stay relevant to the trends.

Inception with a brand new idea

PUBG was first released back in 2017 by Tencent, a gaming mega-giant corporation, and was developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the South Korean game company Bluehole. It was a game not different from any other action shooter games, but the most unique feature of this game was the ability to play with 99 other players online. The objective of the game was simple, survive until you are the last player standing. PUBG was the first game to have such game mechanics, and it grabbed everyone’s attention. Within a few months after release PUBG became the most popular game known around the world because, for the first time in a long time, a game with such a fresh idea and mechanics has entered the gaming market.

Thought of critics

Prior to PUBG, everyone was getting bored with the same mechanics in other online multiplayer games. Call of Duty and Battlefield were some of the enormous numbers of games that came with this same repetitive feature, no game felt different from the other. This was the problem that Tencent focused on, making game mechanics where players will play online but not in the traditional multiplayer way. Tencent created this new Battle Royal system and made a very comprehensible guide to make the players get familiar with the mechanics. As a result, Tencent succeeded, looking from the gaming community feedback, players not only love it, they’ve gotten addicted to it. Now all the other major game publishers have taken note of Tencent’s success and they have also integrated the Battle Royal system onto their game as well, like the latest Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fortnight, etc.

Staying relevant

Now, PUBG’s biggest challenge is not becoming the best, but staying the best. Since its first release, PUBG has made many changes to its mechanics, like having objective systems such as the Royal Pass, and Sign In Reward, Missions, Clans, etc. The best change they have made is introducing the new Theme system, where each season new skins are released based on popular trending movies, and other games. They have also introduced some new game mechanics, such as the Zombie Survive Till Dawn, Team Deathmatch and more.


In a nutshell, PUBG has become the biggest success story in recent times and has secured its name in modern gaming history. PUBG will be a subject of gossip for generations to come.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase December 2019

Nintendo launched its most recent Direct to showcase the newest Indie games coming to the Switch in 2020. With some notable additions and some obvious ports from other platforms, the Indie scene is alive and well on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Let’s look at some highlights.


The Talos Principle, a fantastic Portal-like with a great atmosphere and story, comes to Switch for the first time. This game takes its cues from Portal, Myst, and even the Witness. Physics-based puzzles and a wonderful story round out the experience. This one was available immediately after the presentation.

Another big port, announced near the end of the Direct, was Dauntless. Built around the premise of cooperation, four players work together to take down giant beasts. Lots of exploration, grinding, and loot to gain gives the Switch another excellent Co-op game. Much like the Capcom hit, Monster Hunter World, but without a lot of the prep work that goes into that game.

Another oddity (pun intended) was the remaster of Oddworld: Strangers Wrath. Originally published by EA in 2005 for the XBOX, Strangers Wrath tells the story of the Stranger, a lone bounty hunter travelling the wastes of the Oddworld universe. Major first-person gaming and some clever uses of animals as ammo, this was a fun game that sees a welcome return on the Switch.


Sports Story is coming summer 2020 and it looks to be even more fun than the original Golf Story. Labelled as a direct sequel to the charming indie game, Golf Story, which released for the Switch in 2017. Promising sports, adventuring, and even fishing, we’ll be looking forward to this one with great anticipation.

Murder by Numbers, a timed exclusive, will bring together gameplay elements from Picross and Pheonix Wright into a fun, murder mystery style adventure.

Notable Mentions

Axiom Verge 2 was mentioned as “just one more thing” moment at the end of the presentation. It showed off some nifty gameplay in what looks to be a much bigger world than the original game. New abilities and some tough platforming look to round out the experience for fans of the original Axiom Verge.

Nintendo seems to have a good thing going with their Directs. We get bite-sized showcases for some of their notable titles throughout the year. They keep us engaged and they hardly overstay their welcome. The latest Indie Showcase reminded us that the Switch is doing just fine, thank you, and that 2020 is already shaping up to be another great for the console.

Octane: All About Apex Legend’s New Legend

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It’s season 1 in Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment has added a new character to spice things up. Octane, the newest addition in the hero lineup, is all about speed and adrenaline rush and has quickly earned popularity as one of the best blind side shooter in the game. He costs 12,000 Legend tokens or 750 Apex coins.

Playing as Octane is all about hitting the right balance between caution and aggression. His abilities make him one of the best flankers in Apex Legends who can break through enemy defenses and get out of the bad situations quickly. Take a close range weapon and you’ll quickly dominate the battlefield with his tactical ability. And if you are pinned down, his ultimate can help you and your whole squad reposition themselves for a surprise attack. Here’s a quick run-down of his abilities and how you can use them in a battle.


Passive: Swift Mend

This ability passively regenerates Octane’s health over time if he’s not taking any damage. To be specific, you’ll will gain 1 health point every 2 seconds if you are not taking damage. Its a slow regeneration but balances out Octane’s tactical really well as it reduces health points when used. Also, unlike Lifeline’s drone or medikits, this ability doesn’t make any sound.This can be very crucial in situations like ambush or when you need to hide. Also, swift mend will regenerate health even if you are knocked down. This ability shows best results after a battle as Octane’s play style will need you to use a lot of medikits otherwise.

Tactical: Stim

Stim gives you a 30% speed boost for six seconds at a cost of 10 health points. This ability has a cool-down time of just 2 seconds. This makes Octane one of the best Flankers in Apex Legends. You can close in the gap between your enemy much faster than they anticipate and bamboozle them with a surprise attack. You can run out of the heat after you have dealt damage and let your passive regenerate your health. Since you are loosing 10 health points every time you use this ability, your passive would take 20 seconds to regenerate your lost health. This ability also increases you strafe. This gives you an upper hand in 1v1 fights. Another incredible quirk of this ability is that it gives you an immunity from slows. This can help you against caustic’s gas or arkstar. With this ability you can go close to the enemy, knock them down with a close range gun, and reposition quickly.

Ultimate: Launch Pad

Octane’s ultimate ability places a jump pad on the ground which, when stepped on, launches you in high in the air. You can use it to gain a high ground and ambush the enemy, or disengage when at a disadvantage. The jump pad, once placed, can also be used by other players in the game. It can thus help help everyone in your squad to reposition quickly to a advantageous position. Knocked down players can also use the pad to get away from enemy. Note that throwables will also be propelled away if thrown on the pad. Thus you can use it to propel grenades or Caustic’s gas traps. This ability might be one of the strangest one in Apex Legends but one of the most flexible one as well.

With these abilities at hand, Octane can be a very crucial member of the squad. With a squad that scouts like Bloodhound, Octane can spot and delete the enemy off the map and move out of the hot zone in seconds.

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Apex Legends: The Next Big Thing In The Battle Royale Genre

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Respawn, the developers behind Titanfall, has recently created a new battle royale game, Apex Legends. Apex Legends has become an overnight sensation, garnering a huge number of fans in a short period of time. While the game itself has come late to the party, it does offer a decent number of features that make it fresh and can be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated. We’ll be detailing the basics of what makes the game unique, so you can just jump right in whenever you want to.

The Overview

Much like PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends is a battle royale game, though it focuses more on cooperation with your squad mates, offering better incentives to practice teamwork than working alone. The game pits 20 3-man teams against one another in a massive map filled with loot the players will need to scavenge to survive. Just like other games of the genre, players start off with virtually no items, and will have to find what they need in each map and must survive as the last team standing.


Apex Legends plays in the first person and is a shooter game that has light RPG elements, much like Destiny, and has unique specialized characters similar to what you’ll find in games like Overwatch. At its current state, it only has one play mode where 20 teams, each with 3 players, fight one another to be the last team standing. Apex Legends inherits some of the smooth movements and climbing mechanics you’ll find in Respawn’s other series, Titanfall.

What makes Apex Legends unique in this genre is that it uses a class system not unlike what you can find in certain RPG games. These “classes”, otherwise known as Legends, each offer unique abilities and ultimate skills that charge up over time, potentially able to turn the tide of battle in a pinch. Each team will need to understand the different strengths and weaknesses of their members’ classes in order to maximize their strategy. Forming the right team that can complement each member’s skill is vital. As was stated before, teamwork is king in this game. You’ll either play together or die together.

Because of the emphasis given to teamwork, communication between team members is also quite efficient. One button controls the “ping” system, where you can wordlessly draw the attention of your teammates on a location, object or a target without the need to talk.

Another unique feature to the game is that you have an option to resurrect a fallen teammate if you can recover a specific item that they drop when they die. You can only do this in certain points on the map, however, and these places are usually exposed. This adds an extra layer of strategy amongst teams, where death isn’t the absolute end.
Final Thoughts

While Apex Legends is just another game in an already saturated genre, it does quite a bit to make itself unique. It addresses a large number of issues from other battle royale games, while simultaneously emphasizing features that make it unique and fun to play. If the developers play their cards right, this game may just set the standard for future battle royale games. If you have an interest in this game, you can support my blog by checking out www.heroboosting.com and their Apex Legends boosting that they provide. You might recognize them as the guys who also provide Overwatch boosting services. Use code: IWAGGLE to get 20% off your order amount.

Post Scriptum – Is it Worth the Buy?

Many gamers are constantly on the prowl for the newest and most advanced games. There has been a major push towards realism especially in the FPS community. AAA games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield have directed their attention more towards an arcade style game with an emphasis on accessibility for new players. Some players however have tastes in more realistic FPS games which reflect warfare and teamwork to a much more advanced scale. Post Scriptum has heard the players call and created an FPS game which gives an intense, realistic and tactical game for player to enjoy.

Post Scriptum is set in World War II and focuses on the European front of the war. Players are dropped into battles of massive scale where teamwork is the only way to survive. Players can assign themselves to an infantry squad, armored section, or logistics section. Each of these plays a critical role in the outcome of the battle.
Infantry is the backbone of any army and without it front lines would not change. Each infantry squad is equipped with riflemen, medics, sappers, marksmen, anti-tank, and machine guns. Each of these classes plays an important role in the success of the squad. Machine guns lay down heavy volumes of fire suppressing any enemy forces in their area while the riflemen can fire much more precise shots and maneuver with much more speed. Soldiers must use cation however as one shot will often lead to the soldier being incapacitated. Medics are very important in this case as they keep the front line manned and firing.
Being a heavy hitter of decisive action, armor is meant to support the infantry and eliminate enemy tanks. Each position in tanks (driver, gunner, commander, and hull gunner) are manned by individual players, putting a heavy emphasis on communication and teamwork. Players need to listen to their commander and work with speed to keep their tank alive and fighting. Although protected by thick armor, tanks are not effective without the support of the infantry. A tank left alone will be quickly outmaneuvered by enemy infantry and destroyed.
Logistics sections are the beating heart of the fight. They bring up important supplies which allow defenses to be erected and forward operating bases to be built which players spawn in. Logistics is great for the player who loves a support role but is not skilled enough to constantly be in the firefight.
Rating – 9.3/10
Post Scriptum is an outstanding game which puts great emphasis on teamwork and tactical realism. The developers are constantly adding new updates, features and bug fixes to keep the game optimized and entertaining. There are no obvious bias’ in the game and the multiplayer servers are run by professional groups who put integrity behind their powers.
In regards to optimization, there are very few bugs in the game which effect how playable the game is. Most bugs noticed are distant texture glitches far out of the fight. The only major issue is with a graphics card that is in the 720 range, expect some major lag spikes during airborne operations because of the heavy amount of assets in the server.
For new players, getting into the game is very easy. Players are generally very welcoming and friendly towards new players, giving them helpful tips and tricks so long as there is mutual respect shown. Each section provides an experience as if it is a new game, keeping the game fresh and exciting.
The tactical realism of the game is astounding and provides an outstanding experience for players of all skill levels.
The major pitfalls of the game relate to the more minor features of the game. Players will notice rare glitches which could have a major effect on their game play. This could range from a character getting stuck on a small lip of earth, to weapons not firing when the mouse button is clicked. These however are very rare on occasion.
Overall the game is worth purchasing and playing. It is a very reasonably priced game and surpasses all expectations for a tactically realistic game.
Post Scriptum is currently only available on PC.

Coloring Game – What you see is what you get

One of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to get into a new game is to browse the “New and Trending” or “Top Selling” categories from Steam, and yesterday I saw this game called “Coloring Game” on the list.

I was a little bit flustered about it, mainly because I’ve seen this kind of games in tablets and phone apps, and they don’t seem that appealing for actually get into them while sitting on my PC, but it was free, and the reviews were pretty good, so I decided to give it a shot.

The developer (L. Stotch) did a great job by putting together a nice, uncomplicated and fun coloring by numbers (and pixels) game, no new mechanics, no microtransactions (at the moment) and nothing besides the relaxing fun of a coloring book.

So what’s the deal with it?

Well, I’d say it comes mainly to two things, the first one being the quality of life improvements the game has for a coloring game, counting with commands to undo a move, copy a color by right-clicking it, paint a straight line while holding Shift and even digital tablet support.

The developer seems to be extremely active on the updates for the game, and I gotta say, I’m a big fan of the art used for the images that you color in the game, they use the concept of 16-bit art and apply it to different situations and images ( Right now I’m at the “Breaking Bad” inspired picture).

I’d say that in a world that goes by so fast like the one that we live in, having the opportunity to stop for a bit and play a beautiful and relaxing coloring game while you unwind and relax doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

In conclusion, and as I said at the beginning, this game deserves an opportunity if you’re looking to chill for a bit while listening to sweet music or a podcast, between stressful ranked matches or just if you’re into pixel art.

For the way this game has been evolving in the past days (The game was released on April 12th) and how already has been updated twice, adding improvements like the autosave feature (Press F5 to save), I’d say that this new trend might expand from phones to Steam, and soon enough we’ll have a good contender for the first place in the Chill/Idle game genre, one of the few genres where sometimes, less is more.

My FIFA 19 Review

The newest version of the most popular soccer game, FIFA, was released earlier this year. The new installation has some major improvements that any gamer is going to enjoy and be very impressed with. As usual, the creators of the game spent a lot of energy and time trying to improve the gameplay, graphics, and innovative features to ensure that the beloved game would keep a hold of its faithful clients while attracting new ones from rival games such as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

In terms of gameplay, the game has improved in terms of the way players jostle for the ball. It is now more realistic and takes into account the strength and pace of players in keeping the ball. This realistic feel is what gamers like most about their games as it closely simulates what happens on the pitch. A player like Ronaldo can now push past defender and score since he is strong and physical while some other less physical players cannot do the same.

Finishing is one of the most fun parts of a soccer game and players love it when there are improvements to this aspect. In FIFA 19, there have been improvements made to the finishing aspect with clean, crisp ball movements that closely mimic the real game. A new feature has been added that enables one to boost shots so that they are faster and have more likelihood of hitting the net. This feature is known as the after-touch and is enabled by pressing the shoot button twice just as the player goes to kick the ball. This adds exciting attacking options and offers better ball control that most gamers shall come to love.

Just as it is in the real game, FIFA 19 adds the concept of drama according to the situation. For instance, derbies are louder and the fans taunt the opposing players a lot. There is also increased intensity in the atmosphere during the closing stages of a game especially when a team is trailing. Players can be seen to get agitated and emotional and they can even shove each other from annoyance. Individual players in the real world are known to have different aggression and emotion levels and this is reflected in the game where a player like Suarez appears more agitated than other calmer players like Messi.

Refereeing in FIFA 19 has been made to reflect what happens in the real soccer world. Referees are known to sometimes make mistakes especially in high-intensity games and this can be observed in the game. Things like questionable penalty awards at the closing stages of a game are known to add drama to the game and it is often observed in FIFA 19 when the referee gives a penalty for what would be considered a soft foul. These refereeing decisions can sometimes go against a player and other times go their way so they add a drama level that cannot be predicted, making the game more interesting.

Overall, FIFA 19 has seen great improvements both in the gameplay and the presentation and many gamers shall be very pleased with it. The improvements are welcome and the game promises to offer a lot of fun moments for those gamers who love soccer.

Overwatch Patch News From Me!

I don’t usually do posts like this one, but as I’ve been playing Overwatch quite often recently, no thanks for Boosting Hero and their Overwatch boosting services, that I actually do use often especially the duo queue one where I pair up with one of their professional players and go into ranked games together… I thought I’d do an update post since this patch was quite anticipated with all the changes and new additions to the game.

The latest update introduces various changes to four heroes of the game, a new map, and bug fixes. This update re-balances Brigitte, Ana, Reinhardt and the Widowmaker to reply to the previous updates of Overwatch and additions of heroes. Ana has been updated to increase the precision level when defining her rifle’s sensitivity movements when zoomed. Brigitte now can be knocked to match her opponents when bashing Reinhardt’s Charge or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch. In the previous versions, only Reinhardt and Doomfist could be stunned allowing Brigitte to have more hits prior to either hero recovering.

Reinhardt and Widowmaker feature major changes. Like Ana, you can control the Widow maker’s sensitivity more when zoomed. She now maintains her whole momentum when she is using her grappling hook in case she connects to some structure without a ledge. Earth shatter capability of Reinhardt has also been overhauled. It can now always go up the inclines, constantly hit near foes near the wall and round a payload. Additionally, it is no longer going to destroy enemies behind the barriers or bash the enemy’s ability’s damage cone when the wave is over.

The Overwatch patch, one featuring Ashe, is live. This implies that the white-haired, new gunslinger is off PTR and everyone can play it, however, you will require a complete game re-installation. The update runs up to 20 GB in size, which could be lesser if you have installed the PTR. You do not have to uninstall Overwatch prior to getting an update, but you will have to be patient. The download speed may go to 0 Kb/s for a long time, which is normal and fine.

This update will also patch some bugs, the most noticeable bug is one which prompted weapons to fire a myriad of shots at a go- for instance, the fusion cannons of D. Va’s and the Hellfire Shotguns of the Reaper- to deal inconsistently with critical damage to foe heroes. The complete patch notes are found on Overwatch’s official website.


  1. Fixed the bug causing players to at times slip-off the railings.
  2. Fixed the bug which obstructed Torbjorn Armor Packs from updating itself in case the ability directly settled on friendly targets.

Communication Wheel

  1. Fixed the bug which was causing a delay in the picked alternatives on the Wheel as you cycle left with your mouse.



  1. Solved the bug which prompted the shield bash movement of Brigitte to be interrupted when impacting the turret’s of Symettra


  1. Solved the bug causing the Seismic Slam of Doomfist to cancel while using the Teleporter of Symmetra.


  1. Solved the bug which permitted D. Va to escape from the map in case she utilized Call Mech as she stood on the Ice Wall of Mei.


  1. Fixed the bug causing the Cryo-Freeze to hinder Mei’s line of sight.


  1. Solved the bug which could allow Reinhardt to pin the target behind him while utilizing Charge.
  2. Solved the bug which blocked Reinhardt from pinning targets as he turned in the Charge.
  3. Solved the bug which allowed Reinhardt use the Earth shatter as he stood on the head of the enemy.

The Fracture

Many playing games have features that make them special amid the time they turn out to be most popular as the makers never feel sick of making new plans to hold the enthusiasm of the players to see to it that they enjoy. Fracture is one of the more up to date games that has its very own uniqueness. This new concept of terrain deformation implies the rising and the dropping of sections of the ground as a feature of the fight scene.

Fracture’s story is innovatively composed and looks far into the future, as the game portrays the years far into the 23rd century. The United States at that time faces a significant issue of maritime flooding around its coasts on account of global warming. Due to the global warming issue, the story is that the United States resorts to the utilization of terrain deformation in that future time, to fabricate a divider on the two sides of the mainland to keep the seas from coming in to surge the entire nation.

This situation came into the psyches of the makers of Fracture after they assessed the reviews of their dream games that they have been making. The players can be a rich source of more awesome thoughts that they lost in the wake of playing it.

The territory in the center is left with no dividers, as the story goes, which prompt the division of the landmass into the West Coast and the East drift. As the years passed, the East drift went into innovation and cybernetics, while the West drift favored going into the quality modification and molecular biology. These differences between the opposite sides, later on, prompted a common war where the East drift was for the prevention of the decimation of humankind by the West drift through quality modification.

Stream Brody, one of the players in the game, is an officer in the east side of the United States or the Alliance side. His main goal is to stop and kill the forceful tyrant on the west side who expects to take full control of the world. The entire playing spins around this conflict all through.

The Fracture utilizes terrain deformation as a feature, the makers of the game endeavor to make an immense fan following among the players with this special concept. When you play the game you can raise or lower the ground prompting the tremendous potential outcomes that terrain deformation can provide for the play. While playing the game you can utilize explosives that raise or lower the ground to avoid enemy fire.

The enemy has a similar ability of terrain deformation. This is essential, as your shooting at the enemy will rely upon your location – regardless of whether above or underneath the enemy. As the enemy has a similar facility to impact terrain deformation, the game turns out to be all the more exciting and energizing, as you attempt to outmaneuver your enemy.

Your speed is also vital when playing it. You build up this speed as you get the opportunity to take in more while playing it. You can likewise get a few techniques from the players of the Fracture who played in front of you.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

overwatch boost

Throughout the year, Overwatch has several events that take place for certain holidays and other special occasions. The upcoming event, Winter Wonderland, is said to begin towards the start of December, and allow for players to play special game modes, and purchase event-only skins, along with other cosmetics.

During last year’s Winter Wonderland, Overwatch introduced the new, “Yeti Hunter”, game mode which placed a team of Meis against an advanced Winston, and brought back, “Mei’s Snowball Offensive”, although somewhat controversial.

The event usually lasts for about three weeks, and players suspect this year it will start on December 13th, as Overwatch tends to start special events on Thursdays. Players also suspect that this year could potentially bring changes to the Mei game mode, or even new game modes altogether.

When it comes to skins, players hope for a new nutcracker-inspire skin, as weeks earlier players found a potential skin leak possibly giving hints to the new skins this winter-themed event will bring. Another popular fan theory is that one of the newest Overwatch characters, Ashe, who was introduced in the beginning of December at BlizzCon, will finally be given a skin, due to high demand from players.

Although the Winter Wonderland event takes place during Holidays such as Christmas, and Hanukkah, Overwatch refuses to introduce any sort of strictly holiday-based content into their game, as they hope to avoid controversy. In past years, players recall the game having “festive” skins, and many prefer these to the new approach Overwatch is taking to introducing skins during this special event. Rather than implementing holiday-based skins, Overwatch is focusing on introducing more winter-inspired skins, and even skins not influenced by winter at all.

Even though Overwatch’s main purpose of changing the category of skins they put out was made to avoid conflict and controversy, it has actually ended up doing the opposite, as players on forums vent about the “boring” skins Overwatch puts out, and instead wish that they could release a new skin for each holiday celebrated around December so everyone could be included.

This year, players are hoping for a more holiday-based Winter Wonderland all around and not just skins. Last year’s event didn’t gather a very positive reaction from players, as they felt it was too “winter-based”, and didn’t make players feel the giddiness they usually do around holidays. Players recall enjoying last year’s Winter Wonderland when it was first released, but became bored of it a few days later, as it didn’t have the “holiday charm” they had been yearning for.

Overwatch’s decision to make the Winter Wonderland holiday-based, or winter-based could have a huge effect on the players. On one hand, Overwatch avoids any religious conflict by making their event a holiday-free zone, and not making any players feel left out by releasing more content for one holiday over another. On the other hand, many players feel that Overwatch needs to step out of their comfort zone, and add in an equal amount of content for everyone, while still making it holiday-based, in order to fill the void they felt last year from a lack of holiday-based content.

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BREAKING: Campo Santo Announces New Title

Thanks to the Game Awards there’s been a flood of video game related news coming out lately. I’ve been as enthralled with the new AAA trailers and announcements as the next guy, but the one I’m most excited about is much smaller and was probably overlooked by many: Campo Santo has officially announced their next title, “In the Valley of Gods”.

Some of you may not know Campo Santo by name, but you might know them by reputation: they’re the studio responsible for creating “Firewatch”, the indie walking simulator that won critical acclaim when it launched early in 2016. Despite having a controversial ending the game (where you assume the role of middle-aged firewatcher “Henry” as he protects a patch of forest and deals with personal drama) ended up being quite popular in indie and Let’s Play circles. Full disclosure here: Firewatch is one of my favorite games, so I may be a bit biased in its favor. That bias is the main reason I’m so stoked about this new announcement.

So what does the announcement actually reveal? Sadly, not much. We know that In the Valley of Gods is set in the 1920’s and that you and your partner are explorers and filmmakers attempting to explore ancient Egyptian ruins in the hope of creating some kind of movie. The game is a first person adventure, but it’s unclear if it’s another “environmental narrative” story like Firewatch or if it’s going to include more traditional and interactive gameplay elements. The studio has also declared an estimated release date for PC to be some time in 2019 and claims they “haven’t ruled out” a console launch.

The announcement also included a trailer. In it we seem the same gorgeous cartoony TF2-ish art style that made everyone fall in love with Firewatch, this time applied to a sparse but beautiful desert setting. The trailer seems to heavily emphasize working closely with your partner (more on her in a minute) by helping each other climb obstacles and carry equipment. Speaking of equipment, the trailer also seemed oddly preoccupied with the leather satchel you carry your movie camera in, showing it being handled with care in several shots. In my opinion this seems to imply the camera and its bag will be involved in a key gameplay mechanic somehow, but it’s hard to tell these things from a single teaser trailer.

Let’s move back to your partner for a second. During Firewatch’s development, the studio went on record saying that they were uncomfortable animating something as complex as a human being, and that was the chief reason why you almost never see another person in the game. (Of course, for Firewatch that worked highly to their advantage, since isolation was a core theme of the story.) But now with In the Valley of Gods, we see a fully animated character that seems to feature *very* heavily in the gameplay. Looking at the character in the trailer it’s hard to see what Campo Santo was afraid of: the model is animated wonderfully and has a very “Pixar”-like style which fits perfectly with the rest of the environment. Did the studio hire a new artist for the game with more experience with human models, or do they simply just have more confidence now?

Either way, she and the rest of the game look fantastic. I’ll be watching this title closely over the coming year or so and can’t wait to hear more details.

Overwatch Art Book and Comic Anthology Releasing in October

The award winning online Multiplayer first-person shooter video game Overwatch has enjoyed MASSIVE success since it was released in May, 2016. Across the Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms, over 30 million registered gamers have flocked in droves to enjoy the intense, team work based action game play and from the looks of it, there seems to be no sign of it slowing down.

Apart from the great gameplay Overwatch has to offer, the unique setting, the mythology and detailed world building that developer Blizzard has created alongside, it is immensely
detailed and interesting, causing many a fan to obsess over and discuss with other players.

There is little doubt that this uniquely crafted detail has contributed to the longevity of Overwatch. To top things off, Blizzard is getting Overwatch fans excited all over again by setting themselves up to deliver two absolute treats to them this October.

Up first is The Art Of Overwatch, a 368-page hardcover, coffee table sized art book. The hardback is set to contain a whole slew of never before seen artwork based on the world of Overwatch, plus thoughts and commentary from key development members of Blizzard. This book will surely be a “must-buy” purchase for fans.

The art book will be available in two separate editions, the standard hardcover edition (book only) which will set you back $50, and a deluxe limited edition which comes packaged in a collectors clamshell box, complete with variant cover of Overwatch’s most popular hero, Tracer, and featuring three unique prints from the Overwatch team unique to this collection. This superb deluxe edition will cost $100.

Another thing to note is that Blizzard are well known for hiding riddles, secrets and info on upcoming developments in their extended media. Fans would no doubt remember Riddler’s mind worm mount quest from World Of Warcraft with fondness, so there are sure to be more than a few little tidbits about possible future playable heroes or upcoming maps spread throughout the art book for keen eyed readers to pick up on.

Also slated for release in October is a special collector’s anthology of the Overwatch comic book series. Created by a world class team of writers and illustrators, the comics depict the interesting and unique back story of each hero in the Overwatch universe. Ever wonder how Bastion became a team member? Why Ana mysteriously disappeared? How Tracer came up with her awesome catchphrase? The answers are all contained within this essential companion to the Overwatch universe.This hardcover book will collect all of the currently released Overwatch comic books from Dark Horse Books, fans will most likely have read all 12 issues already on the Overwatch website, but for $20, the Anthology is an absolute must buy.

With the game’s one year anniversary coming up in just over a week, and a special event planned with plenty of skins, emotes, sprays and a multitude of highlight intros to be unlocked for all of the heroes, it looks like Overwatch fans are going to be quite satisfied with Blizzard’s continuing resplendent output for them over the next few months at the very least.

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Diluvion: The Good, The Bad, and the Oh So Pretty

I had been watching this crowd-funded indie game for a long time, eagerly awaiting its release. Well, that release finally happened, and now that I’ve finally had a chance to play it I thought now would be a good time to do a review and see if the game truly lived up to its promises. In many ways the game met my expectations spectacularly, but unfortunately there were a few technical shortfalls that make me hesitant to give Diluvion a solid recommendation.

To give you guys a quick refresher: Diluvion is an open world survival/exploration game set in a universe where some unknown cataclysm has frozen the surface of Earth’s oceans and forced all of humanity underwater. Now, everyone survives amongst the decaying ruins of their once-great civilization, huddled in cramped pressure capsules struggling to survive on scant resources. In this world submarines are the only practical form of shipping and transportation, and submarine crews are busy either trading, raiding, or scavenging the ruins for valuable salvage to keep themselves and the rest of humanity alive. While all of this day-to-day bustle is going on, sub captains and their crews daydream about being the ones to find an arcane mythical artifact in the deepest parts of the ocean, which legends say was left by a goddess to help usher humanity back up to the surface.

Before going any further, I’d like to admit I have a few biases going in to this game – I’m a big fan of submarines in general, and a lover of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), which Diluvion is allegedly inspired by. Further, I’m also a big supporter of slower paced games that emphasize exploration over excessive action. Both those things helped paint Diluvion in a far better light when it came to forming my personal opinion.

With the disclaimers out of the way, let’s take a look at some of Diluvion’s strong points. For starters, the game does a great job of conveying the “feel” of traveling and exploring a deep ocean. By that I mean the environment is fairly restricted in its visibility, and that only gets worse the deeper down you go. In fact, at especially deep depths you’ll likely find yourself unable to freely navigate at all, instead having to rely on regular ping bursts from your sonar in order to see where you’re going. Your ship is also deliberately slow even at full throttle, which helps give the impression you’re traversing vast distances. While many gamers are going to find this frustrating, I loved that restricted visibility and it greatly increased the immersion factor for me.

Anybody who’s used to contemporary “party” based RPG mechanics will also appreciate Diluvion’s crew-management approach to managing your stats. Put simply, your ship has several discrete departments on board such as your helm, sonar, and gunner stations. Each department can be manned by one or more crew members to strengthen or weaken its respective stats. Crew members can be hired at many of the inhabited settlements you dock with or rescued from various derelicts and wrecks you find during your exploration. Further, each individual crew member has his/her own stats that can be trained up with the use of medallions, which you can salvage from the depths or buy from local merchants.

While the game environment and the basic mechanics are solid, Diluvion does have some pretty serious drawbacks. The most glaring issue is the developer’s insane choice of control mechanics. Take for example the basic piloting of your ship – in most games when you’re presented with a vehicle such as a plane, spaceship, or submarine the W and S keys control your pitch (meaning, whether you dive or climb), while the A and D keys control your lateral steering. Not so with Diluvion – for some reason the default controls are mapped so that W and D control your throttle, while dive/climb controls are pushed off un-intuitively to the Q and E keys. This has come back to bite me several times when I’ve been in the heat of battle trying to take evasive action and instead accidentally ordered my ship to a dead stop. While it’s true I can simply remap the keys I still find it frustrating that they’re arranged this way by default.

Diluvion also suffers from some bad game balance issues. While you’re out at sea your ship has to manage several critical resources, such as food and your supply of air. Both of these resources get consumed incredibly fast, especially when you’re maintaining a large crew (which increases the consumption rate). While air will get automatically refilled for free any time you dock with a structure, food much be purchased at an exorbitant price or, if you’re extremely lucky, you might find a few scraps of it in a wreck.

There were other detractors too that I don’t have room to go in to in this article, such as the overabundance of ocean currents on the game map and the confounding decision to rely on old-school save points in order to store your game progress. Suffice it to say the general mechanics of this game need a lot of polish.

I do want to end this review on a high note, however, and point out that this game is just plain PRETTY. Diluvion uses a unique visual style wherein exterior environments are rendered in 3D while interiors switch to a flat “cartoony” aesthetic. While I’m not a big fan of the style they chose for those 2D shots, the 3D environment is simply breathtaking. The undersea landscape is surprisingly varied thanks to brightly lit flora, epic-scale ancient ruins, and the hodgepodge cobbled-together look of the steel pressure capsules that now house the human race. All of this works brilliantly with Diluvion’s Verne-esque aesthetic and makes a visually compelling masterpiece of game art.

Long story short – There’s a lot of promise to Diluvion, especially if you’re already a fan of that particular visual or gameplay style. However shoddy gameplay mechanics and other annoying issues very seriously detract from even the most easy-going gamer’s enjoyment. Ultimately I’d say IF you like slow-paced exploration games and/or steampunk, then keep an eye for when Diluvion goes on sale. If, however, you’re a more mainstream gamer then you may, unfortunately, want to go ahead and sail past this one.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive for Beginners

Many gamers have been a part of the CounterStrike community since the franchise’s very first installment all the way back in 1999. These veteran players may be a bit intimidating to newcomers, especially if they’re new to the competitive team shooter genre as a whole. While the curve can be steep learning the basics isn’t too hard, and with a few pointers even a fresh player can hope to be competitive.

It may sound obvious, but you need to start by learning how to shoot. Your bullets don’t simply run in a straight line towards your targeting reticule – instead, they’re going to spread out much like they would with a real gun. It’s impossible to get rid of this spread completely, but there are some steps you can take to minimize their effects. Bullet spread is severely impacted by your gun’s recoil, so shooting in short bursts to allow your aim to “reset” will improve your aim considerably. Also be aware that spread gets considerably worse when you’re moving, so you might want to consider standing still when shooting (at least until you’re more comfortable with the game). As you gain experience you’ll learn other little tricks to help counteract the spray effect, such as taking advantage of the perfect accuracy that exists in the split second when you change strafing directions.

Once you know how to aim, the next important step is to know WHERE to aim. You might find yourself saying “aim at the other team, obviously” but it’s not always as simple as that. Players move around the game map at a pretty rapid clip, so pointing your reticule directly at their face usually won’t do much. Instead, you need to learn to lead your shots – to anticipate where a player is going to be a split second from now and aiming at that point instead. What’s more, experienced players have learned how to camp around corners and other hiding places in the environment so that they can pick you and your team-mates off as you walk in to your line of sight. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the game’s various maps you’ll be able to anticipate this and mitigate their attack by aiming and firing as you strafe around the corner.

Speaking of maps, one of the most important skills a new player will need to learn is how to navigate a map smartly. Make an effort to learn each map in detail, taking special note of its critical points as well as areas where enemies might hide or try to get the jump on you. The maps are one of CounterStrike’s most defining features, each one lovingly crafted to be a strategist’s wet dream. If you don’t take advantage of their individual characteristics your opponents definitely will.

Along with managing the map, you need to learn to manage yourself. What I mean by that is, you need to learn when to be sneaky and when to use brute force. For example, crouching down and “sneaking” is a great way to keep your character quiet and avoid detection, but it will also make you much slower and a potentially more enticing target. On the other hand, attacking the enemy head-on is suicide when the opposing team is well entrenched in an easily secured area. On a related note, don’t forget that ANY noise you make could tip off nearby assailants, even the simple action of reloading your weapon.

Weapons, by the way, are another hallmark of the franchise. CounterStrike has a rather unique mechanic for obtaining guns – you earn money during each round of play, and in between rounds you’re able to purchase guns, armor, and other equipment. This mechanic might seem pretty straightforward but actually has an entire strategy all its own. Most teams will try to conserve their collective money and forego buying excessive equipment for several rounds until they have enough cash to seriously load up. If you see members of your team calling for an “eco round” or simply “eco”, it means that they’re short on money ($4,000 is a good rule of thumb) and is requesting such a forbearance. The key here is communication – don’t go rogue and buy equipment willy nilly – coordinate with your team so that you can make a harmonized attack against your opponents.

And that is the single most important lesson for a beginner to learn – talk to your team as much as possible. CounterStrike is not a solo game – you MUST work well as a team if you’re to have any hope of victory. Communicate as much as you possibly plan and follow your team’s general strategy and you’ll find yourself being a useful contributing player in no time flat.

Dota 2’s Winter Pass 2017 Edition

The new arrival of the world renown Dota 2 winter 2017 Battle Pass compendium has had a wonderful response on its recent worldwide release and the prize pool has yet to reach its end.

The Battle Pass offers many new immortal items and other visual effects ranging from the map itself, to character skins, couriers, taunts and many other effects too numerous to mention.

It is advisable that anyone considering the following information before making the credit card purchase of this Steam and Dota 2 product. The adverts lead its players and potential buyers to believe that the visual effects and item sets of each playable hero are won off as a complete “Set” which generally includes 6 separate items to form a set. The items are sold at a specific price separately in any normal instance however with the battle pass the prizes are not sets including all 6 items. Only a single item is awarded which is not told to the public.

To add, there is also an issue on the leveling up of this Battle Pass product because unlike a normal Profile “level increment” which is based on winning and losing matches; the Battle Pass levels are based on bets dependent on the wagered coins, completion of daily quests and the participation and completion of specifically chosen quest-lines. Once a player has used up their pool of wagered points, which totals strictly one thousand a week and has completed the 3 active quest-lines entirely the player is then left with the single option to generate leveling experience which amounts to playing a specific hero and winning. Other than this option, players are almost forced to having to spend actual money to generate further experience points so that they may actually achieve the Battle Pass levels ranging from 1 to over 900. Currently, I am at level 20 and am nearing the completion of what I mentioned above. I’m guessing I would probably reach level 40 once completing all quest-lines and a few wagers.

On a plus note, the Battle Pass offers a vibrant assortment of visual effects tied to this compendium which cannot be obtained anywhere else, to add the price of getting this is incredibly cheap as-well so the common worker could easily purchase it without a problem and parents could easily buy it for their children as the price would, in no way have any real impact on their money. Also, updates are done daily, so ensure you have a good internet limit but they are updates that help the game have no bugs or glitches. Personally, I have not seen any since having joined in 2013

To conclude, it is worth buying if you are either a new or seasoned Dota 2 player as it adds a new perspective on online gaming as a community because as no doubt many will agree, the game is incredibly addictive, enticing as well as infuriating at times but without a doubt, no matter how many times you walk away from the game in anger I would bet that you would have a desire to play more in a hours time!

What is Overwatch Boosting?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have noticed that I occasionally do posts about Overwatch, whether it’s about their PTR changes or Doomfist release rumours, I actually enjoy playing this game, so I tend to make more articles about it. You’ll also notice that sometimes I will publicly endorse the services provided by Boostards, and today I want to talk about this service specifically!

Boosting in Overwatch

Overwatch Boosting has been growing really fast due to the competitive nature of the game as Overwatch can be quite a tough hurdle to vault if you lack a good team. After all, it is a team dependent game and if you are regularly stuck with terrible teammates who constantly hold you back or find yourself not performing up to par. This can be frustrating and demoralizing.

Therefore, you may find yourself in need of some additional assistance from competent players to aid you with your quest to reach Top 500. Boosting is a service offered by companies of your choice to help you reach any rank in the game, either by letting them “pilot” your account or grouping up with them while you play on your own account. They would then do their utmost to carry your account, or yourself, during the competitive matches, to great victory!

A number of websites have started to appear since this service’s inception and Overwatch boosting just seems to appear to start getting quite competitive itself. Some of these sites charge a hefty price tag that can go into the range of hundreds of dollars, but it seems that with how competitive the game itself is, and how much money people are spending online these days, boosting in Overwatch won’t be going away anytime soon.

However, one needs to be more careful with the malicious security risks of granting an unknown person unrestricted access to your account. They may charge your account with hefty in-game purchases, and in the worst case scenario, they might delete it completely. This is why I would recommend doing your research and making sure you are certain that the boosting company you have selected is trustworthy before giving them your account details.

This is why I would recommend doing your research and making sure you are certain that the boosting company you have selected is trustworthy before giving them your account details. Either that or you can opt to go with the “duo queue” option which is exactly what I did when I purchased my Overwatch boost from these guys.

Furthermore, boosting is not restricted to only PC players. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are also offered the service by most of the sites providing this service.