Jax Ultimate Guide

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Jax is probably one of the essential champions that a top laner needs to master in high elo, diamond rank and above. It is not difficult to play Jax well, as his abilities are mostly straightforward. But what matters most is to understand the purpose of each of his abilities.

Here is the ultimate guide of playing Jax, including his role, plays, tricks, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s get right into it.

Role: Jax is designed to be a strong melee fighter, yet his Q gains access to ranged champions. That’s what makes him a sustained damage dealer and deadly assassin’ at the same time. The maximum of CDR is the key build for Jax, and focusing on eliminating ranged champion in a team fight would be the best choice.

Plays: In the early game, there is usually a situation in which, your enemy stays back when you reach full passive stacks or stays under tower the whole time. Yet, Jax is a melee champion, so it can be hard for him to deal damage without getting attacked by the tower. Here is one way to eliminate the enemy at full health under the tower, and it only works after level six. So basically, what you need to do is controlling the minion waves for a bit until they become a large wave. While minions are attacking the tower, you make sure your third attack is on your enemy. After you hit the enemy with the ultimate passive and W, use Q to jump to the back of the minions. So you only get hit by the tower once, and you win the trade. Your enemy will finally hit low health after a few times, and you can quickly eliminate them under the tower.

Tricks: His W almost immediately resets his basic attack, which means you can press W after a basic attack to quickly make another attack with additional magic damage. If you are facing a ranged champion in the top lane, it is better to maximum Q first. Ranged champions usually do less damage than melee damage, other than the advantage of attack range. Being in the attack range is deadly for ranged champions, and they definitely lose fights to Jax in melee. That’s why you can learn Q at level one instead of E so that you aren’t getting poked by ranged champions.

Advantages: Jax is also a perfect solo lane pusher. Jax is absolutely the strongest solo fighter and solo lane pusher in the late game. That’s why Jax players need to take advantage of his strong 1vs1 power. If you have a lead in the game, solo pushing and helping teammates both work very well. If you choose to solo push, it probably takes more than one player on the other team to kill you. In the meantime, your teammates could be taking down objects or winning team fights. However, Jax doesn’t have crowd damage abilities. That’s why building a Titanic Hydra is good for Jax if you decide to solo push.

Disadvantages: Jax is relatively weak among melee fighters in the early game. Unless your enemy lets you have the full stack of passive ability, it is almost impossible to win a fight or trade against a lot of melee champions. Once Jax reaches level 6, his sustained damage would be on a whole new level.

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