Nintendo Indie World Showcase December 2019

Nintendo launched its most recent Direct to showcase the newest Indie games coming to the Switch in 2020. With some notable additions and some obvious ports from other platforms, the Indie scene is alive and well on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Let’s look at some highlights.


The Talos Principle, a fantastic Portal-like with a great atmosphere and story, comes to Switch for the first time. This game takes its cues from Portal, Myst, and even the Witness. Physics-based puzzles and a wonderful story round out the experience. This one was available immediately after the presentation.

Another big port, announced near the end of the Direct, was Dauntless. Built around the premise of cooperation, four players work together to take down giant beasts. Lots of exploration, grinding, and loot to gain gives the Switch another excellent Co-op game. Much like the Capcom hit, Monster Hunter World, but without a lot of the prep work that goes into that game.

Another oddity (pun intended) was the remaster of Oddworld: Strangers Wrath. Originally published by EA in 2005 for the XBOX, Strangers Wrath tells the story of the Stranger, a lone bounty hunter travelling the wastes of the Oddworld universe. Major first-person gaming and some clever uses of animals as ammo, this was a fun game that sees a welcome return on the Switch.


Sports Story is coming summer 2020 and it looks to be even more fun than the original Golf Story. Labelled as a direct sequel to the charming indie game, Golf Story, which released for the Switch in 2017. Promising sports, adventuring, and even fishing, we’ll be looking forward to this one with great anticipation.

Murder by Numbers, a timed exclusive, will bring together gameplay elements from Picross and Pheonix Wright into a fun, murder mystery style adventure.

Notable Mentions

Axiom Verge 2 was mentioned as “just one more thing” moment at the end of the presentation. It showed off some nifty gameplay in what looks to be a much bigger world than the original game. New abilities and some tough platforming look to round out the experience for fans of the original Axiom Verge.

Nintendo seems to have a good thing going with their Directs. We get bite-sized showcases for some of their notable titles throughout the year. They keep us engaged and they hardly overstay their welcome. The latest Indie Showcase reminded us that the Switch is doing just fine, thank you, and that 2020 is already shaping up to be another great for the console.