Octane: All About Apex Legend’s New Legend

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It’s season 1 in Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment has added a new character to spice things up. Octane, the newest addition in the hero lineup, is all about speed and adrenaline rush and has quickly earned popularity as one of the best blind side shooter in the game. He costs 12,000 Legend tokens or 750 Apex coins.

Playing as Octane is all about hitting the right balance between caution and aggression. His abilities make him one of the best flankers in Apex Legends who can break through enemy defenses and get out of the bad situations quickly. Take a close range weapon and you’ll quickly dominate the battlefield with his tactical ability. And if you are pinned down, his ultimate can help you and your whole squad reposition themselves for a surprise attack. Here’s a quick run-down of his abilities and how you can use them in a battle.


Passive: Swift Mend

This ability passively regenerates Octane’s health over time if he’s not taking any damage. To be specific, you’ll will gain 1 health point every 2 seconds if you are not taking damage. Its a slow regeneration but balances out Octane’s tactical really well as it reduces health points when used. Also, unlike Lifeline’s drone or medikits, this ability doesn’t make any sound.This can be very crucial in situations like ambush or when you need to hide. Also, swift mend will regenerate health even if you are knocked down. This ability shows best results after a battle as Octane’s play style will need you to use a lot of medikits otherwise.

Tactical: Stim

Stim gives you a 30% speed boost for six seconds at a cost of 10 health points. This ability has a cool-down time of just 2 seconds. This makes Octane one of the best Flankers in Apex Legends. You can close in the gap between your enemy much faster than they anticipate and bamboozle them with a surprise attack. You can run out of the heat after you have dealt damage and let your passive regenerate your health. Since you are loosing 10 health points every time you use this ability, your passive would take 20 seconds to regenerate your lost health. This ability also increases you strafe. This gives you an upper hand in 1v1 fights. Another incredible quirk of this ability is that it gives you an immunity from slows. This can help you against caustic’s gas or arkstar. With this ability you can go close to the enemy, knock them down with a close range gun, and reposition quickly.

Ultimate: Launch Pad

Octane’s ultimate ability places a jump pad on the ground which, when stepped on, launches you in high in the air. You can use it to gain a high ground and ambush the enemy, or disengage when at a disadvantage. The jump pad, once placed, can also be used by other players in the game. It can thus help help everyone in your squad to reposition quickly to a advantageous position. Knocked down players can also use the pad to get away from enemy. Note that throwables will also be propelled away if thrown on the pad. Thus you can use it to propel grenades or Caustic’s gas traps. This ability might be one of the strangest one in Apex Legends but one of the most flexible one as well.

With these abilities at hand, Octane can be a very crucial member of the squad. With a squad that scouts like Bloodhound, Octane can spot and delete the enemy off the map and move out of the hot zone in seconds.

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