Post Scriptum – Is it Worth the Buy?

Many gamers are constantly on the prowl for the newest and most advanced games. There has been a major push towards realism especially in the FPS community. AAA games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield have directed their attention more towards an arcade style game with an emphasis on accessibility for new players. Some players however have tastes in more realistic FPS games which reflect warfare and teamwork to a much more advanced scale. Post Scriptum has heard the players call and created an FPS game which gives an intense, realistic and tactical game for player to enjoy.

Post Scriptum is set in World War II and focuses on the European front of the war. Players are dropped into battles of massive scale where teamwork is the only way to survive. Players can assign themselves to an infantry squad, armored section, or logistics section. Each of these plays a critical role in the outcome of the battle.
Infantry is the backbone of any army and without it front lines would not change. Each infantry squad is equipped with riflemen, medics, sappers, marksmen, anti-tank, and machine guns. Each of these classes plays an important role in the success of the squad. Machine guns lay down heavy volumes of fire suppressing any enemy forces in their area while the riflemen can fire much more precise shots and maneuver with much more speed. Soldiers must use cation however as one shot will often lead to the soldier being incapacitated. Medics are very important in this case as they keep the front line manned and firing.
Being a heavy hitter of decisive action, armor is meant to support the infantry and eliminate enemy tanks. Each position in tanks (driver, gunner, commander, and hull gunner) are manned by individual players, putting a heavy emphasis on communication and teamwork. Players need to listen to their commander and work with speed to keep their tank alive and fighting. Although protected by thick armor, tanks are not effective without the support of the infantry. A tank left alone will be quickly outmaneuvered by enemy infantry and destroyed.
Logistics sections are the beating heart of the fight. They bring up important supplies which allow defenses to be erected and forward operating bases to be built which players spawn in. Logistics is great for the player who loves a support role but is not skilled enough to constantly be in the firefight.
Rating – 9.3/10
Post Scriptum is an outstanding game which puts great emphasis on teamwork and tactical realism. The developers are constantly adding new updates, features and bug fixes to keep the game optimized and entertaining. There are no obvious bias’ in the game and the multiplayer servers are run by professional groups who put integrity behind their powers.
In regards to optimization, there are very few bugs in the game which effect how playable the game is. Most bugs noticed are distant texture glitches far out of the fight. The only major issue is with a graphics card that is in the 720 range, expect some major lag spikes during airborne operations because of the heavy amount of assets in the server.
For new players, getting into the game is very easy. Players are generally very welcoming and friendly towards new players, giving them helpful tips and tricks so long as there is mutual respect shown. Each section provides an experience as if it is a new game, keeping the game fresh and exciting.
The tactical realism of the game is astounding and provides an outstanding experience for players of all skill levels.
The major pitfalls of the game relate to the more minor features of the game. Players will notice rare glitches which could have a major effect on their game play. This could range from a character getting stuck on a small lip of earth, to weapons not firing when the mouse button is clicked. These however are very rare on occasion.
Overall the game is worth purchasing and playing. It is a very reasonably priced game and surpasses all expectations for a tactically realistic game.
Post Scriptum is currently only available on PC.